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Len Jacobson

How Can I Remove the Password from User 'root'

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I have been happily using the Uniform Server on my Windows 7 laptop for a couple of years. But now that I have installed Version 8.5.4, I have a problem pertaining to the password for user 'root' on the MySQL server.


Prior to using this version, there was no default password for 'root'. I was perfectly content with having no password for 'root' because I use the Uniform Server solely as a test server on my laptop. I am not concerned about security in that environment.


So now I see that after installing Uniform Server, the user 'root' has a password of 'root'. If I try to delete that password, I lose the ability to get into 'phpMyAdmin', and still my PHP code (that does not reference a password for 'root') fails when trying to connect to the MySQL server.


The "Change Password" utility (that comes up when clicking on 1 and then "Server Configuration" and then "MySQL") will not allow me to enter nothing for the password.


Can anyone suggest a way to allow no password for the user 'root'?

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