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making new miniserver with ImpressCMS

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Hi Guys,


It's been a long time for me that I was here.

Now I want to make a miniserve with ImpressCMS pre-installed. I have did this once in the past I think it was in 2008/9.

But ImpressCMS has changed a lot but also US has made big steps forward.


So is it posible to just copy pased the new files overwriting the older ones? I guess not. But is there someone that can take me on this journey making a miniserver with ImpressCMS and the latest US version.


By the way I'm not a coder just a user that wants to give someting back to the ImpressCMS community.



ImpressCMS - making a lasting impression!!

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Look at what I do for versions of xoops and xoops engine on http://labs.xoofoo.org


If you need help, you poeux contact me by mail or msn



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