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Newbie Needs Assistance

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I would like to work with Wordpress Offline. I was told to get a WAMP. But I am still confused. I have developed websites and used the ftp to upload them. So I understand servers. What's confusing me is does UniServer need internet to work. I would like to know with UniServer Orion on my computer and the Wordpress installation file on my computer would I be capable of working in Wordpress and design a template without internet access.


Thanks Jen

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Elaborating on that affirmative...


I suggest that you look at the Wiki information for installing WordPress (http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Installing_WordPress_on_5.0-Nano). While it references version 5-Nano, it will also work with 7-Orion series. I also suggest you use the WordPress plugin to start with, since it will get you going quickly.


You'll still want an Internet connection periodically in order to use WordPress' auto-update to get the latest versions of the core, themes and plugins.


This system gives you a private workbench for developing your site contents. Then you can copy the new content from the edit window of a given post to the target site (basically a cut-and-paste), or use a database export/import to transfer the site content. This latter method requires knowledge about the database contents, and some tweaks to merge it into a running site.


I have used this method for about 3 years, so I can vouch for it being "the way to go." It also acts as a proven backup of all the contents.




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