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Using EditPlus3 with Uniform Server

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Now that I have Uniform Server, I was excited at the prospect of being able to edit PHP code and see the parsed results by quickly clicking CTRL+B in EditPlus.

However, it doesn't work, because it doesn't default to localhost/phpfile.php


Anyone know of some way to configure EditPlus to get it to automatically goto localhost so I can see a preview of my parsed PHP content?

If not, how do most of you preview your PHP code. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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Start EditPlus:


you have to add the webroot in

> "


to "
Webserver Root Directory
", click "



webserver IP or host name

web server root directory


that reads as:

map any file edited in

Ctrl+B opens your preview.


BTW. That applies also to TopStyle and others (usually called Mapping)

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