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AJAX information request?

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Hey guys,


I want to learn AJAX as I see there is some benefits to it, however I am not really sure what is involved in AJAX. From the topic I read in this forum "AJAX Support" I noticed that you guys mentioned, Javascript and PHP. But is there anything else? As googling it seems to come up with unrelated answers to my questions.


Is there also a good tutorial website I can go to, to learn it?


Faithful supporter :)

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Check out http://www.jquery.com/. They have classes/libraries premade so all you need to do is "use" it. Megan's suggestion is good though to learn the fundamental basics. But then you would have to create your own library. JQuery is premade you just need to use it.


Good Luck

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XAjax is better and so much easier! Intergrates with PHP very well.


Site is: http://xajaxproject.org/ if interested. :)


All you need to do is create a function that will do a small task. Register the function name with xajax (1 line of code). Call it with user interaction and viola. :)

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Ajax itself is about how to use XMLHttpRequest in JavaScript (web browser dependend)


that request gets needed data from a PHP/ASP/CFM/LUA/... server script, and extracts whats needed.


that whole proccess is called Ajax. since it can be trouble some, there are some JS (and a few are mixed JS/PHP) related frameworks to help you with (they do much more, but parts of them are about using ajax the simple way).


if you are using Ajax requests, you are probably going to modify the page through JS at runtime, so the frameworks are a better choice then a JS-Ajax class alone.



Most common ones (all JS only):

jQuery (my fav)






JS, Ajax classes only:


Simple AJAX Class




just to round it up.

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