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how to access through lan

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I have setup Uniform Server on my pc and running a PHp website successfully. using loclahost stuff

Can i access it thorugh my lan ?

i want to access this website on my local Pc thorugh another pc on my lan .

How to do it ?

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1) Open the file .htaccess located in folder www

Comment out the three lines so they look like this:


#Order Deny,Allow

#Deny from all

#Allow from


This opens your server up for external access.


2) Check you PC IP address as follows:


Start > run > type in cmd and click OK

In the window that pops up type in ipconfig /all


Look for your IP address it will look something like this:


Note the value:


3) On the remote machine type this value in for example

That will display your server on the remote machine.



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you also access it by password (trhough your htaccess file), not by locking to ips. search the net for htaccess+password - there is a lot out there (+tools).

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