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  1. Me too, and I just realized what the issue is - Windows 7 assumes the DNS server will manage pointing localhost to, but not all DNS servers do that yet. To fix this problem edit your hosts file (C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts) and uncomment the line: localhost DO NOT uncomment this line: ::1 localhost As it will take priority and something about the system (not sure which part) doesn't like that.
  2. Thanks for your help, Uniform Server will of course get credit!
  3. Hey, I've been using Uniform Server to develop a tool I'll be releasing soon, and I had a thought that it might be really nice to release it preinstalled and configured on The Uniform Server, but I wanted to make sure that was ok with the license. Credit will of course be given, but sometimes people still don't like it. In addition, I would love to hear thoughts on best practices for distributing configured versions of Uniform Server - most notably the mysql user - is there any way to create a different mysql user/password combination per download? I would imagine that's difficult, but I figured I'd ask. Post any other distribution tips you may have!
  4. *Smacks Head* yeah, shoulda thought of checking that. Sorry to waste your time, thanks though!
  5. So I'm trying to set up some kind of cron job-like system for me to run a few scripts I need to run regularly, but of course since PHP isn't actually installed, I can't just reference it in a scheduled task. I'm wondering what the best way to get around that is? I don't want to launch a browser every time (this will be running every minute or so)
  6. While trying to fix a php5->php4 bug, I installed a second copy of TUS and used http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.p...lease_id=315283 to convert it to PHP4. It worked fine, but if you tried to load the admin panel, you just got an error about an address (I think an ip address) that wasn't in the right format. I suspect it's an issue with running it off my own computer (localhost, after all, doesn't match an ip address pattern) but even when I loaded the page with it still didn't work.
  7. dimo414

    access control?

    Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding, but it seems illogical to have write access at all... People cannot naturally have access to write files to a server, or any computer. Normally you give people write or upload access via FTP, which you setup using an FTP server - Uniform Server is not an FTP server, and should not have any write access turned on by default, only the local computer can edit the files unless you setup an FTP server.
  8. dimo414


    Thank you very much, that is exactly what I'm looking for! In the meantime, while I was away from the internet but not my computer, I wrote a pair of batch files to automatically insert my own HOSTS file upon calling server_start.bat and revert to the original HOSTS file upon calling stop.bat. I'll put the code on the wiki once I've perfected it, and made sure it works on several other computers, but your method also works! Though admittedly, if you're working with separate computers, you often won't have access to the same browser, and therefore will have to configure the browser every time as well. Nevertheless, thanks very much for all your input!
  9. dimo414


    Ok, so the reason I wanted subdomains was so that all my relative URLs in differnet projects would work. All my developmental projects are in /diskw/www/dev/PROJECTNAME. This works, but unless I want to go in and edit all the URLs, or use absolute URLs, I have to change the documentroot to point to the right project folder, and then I can only work on one project until I restart the server. Can I set it so urls in these aliases point to the right location? IE <a href="/myFile.php"> should point to localhost/PROJECTNAME/myFile.php. Basically, I want to be able to develop multiple projects, without having to constantly change the documentroot, and without having to change all the URLs once it's uploaded to a live server.
  10. dimo414


    Thanks, I'll give that a try! Out of curiosity, do you know any way to modify the DNS information for localhost like CNAME info (especially if you can do it via uniform server rather than the hosts file)?
  11. dimo414


    Hmm, is there any way to work with subdomains, or in some way split segments of the server into separate locations without using the hosts file? I can not use the hosts file, since I develop on many computers.
  12. I definitly think Apache should be up to date, as should the PHP5 version. That said, since most web hosts sadly still only offer PHP4, it's also imperative to keep an up to date and easily swappable version of PHP4 on the server too. As far as all the other addons, I think it might be better to keep them off the actual version, and simply provide mods for their use on the website, since most people, myself included, only need a WAMP, not all that extra jazz.
  13. dimo414


    I have the following in my httpd.conf file: NameVirtualHost * ##### ROOT <VirtualHost *> ServerAdmin michael@digitalgemstones.com DocumentRoot /www/ ServerName localhost ErrorLog logs/root-error_log CustomLog logs/root-access_log common </VirtualHost> ##### GEMDEV <VirtualHost *> ServerAdmin michael@digitalgemstones.com DocumentRoot /www/dev/gemdev ServerName gemdev.localhost ErrorLog logs/gemdev-error_log CustomLog logs/gemdev-access_log common </VirtualHost> This seems to be right, since I can change the document root and still be directed to /www/. However when I try to access gemdev.localhost the browser responds server not found. I'm assuming this has something to do with where subdomains of localhost are directed to, but I don't know how to change that. Any help?
  14. wdtunes, have you tried to optimize your XP in any way? Changing settings or disabling services to get it to run faster? I've occasionaly run into problems because I've disabled some Windows Services that I didn't need, and then later installed software I needed. This is completly hypothetical, but perhaps some combination of the Windows Update and the Services I've disabled is causing the problem. olajideolaolorun, does Uniform Server use any special Windows Services? Or is there anything else I may have disabled to improve performance that the Update has now made me need?
  15. Yes, it takes some time to appear, but once the W drive shows up using Make.bat, it takes me to the program files, unlike the result of Server_Start.bat.
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