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    Oh dear, just found it 1. The path to htpasswd file is correct taking the form of /www/docs/.htpasswd depending on where you want to place the .htpasswd 2. Surprise surprise, the password file is NOT encrypted. That is it would be, password in clear text. =============== john:orange sheri:apple =============== and thanks to Kevin for giving a hand :-)
  2. lekhoi


    Hello, htacess anyone? I am having a bit of problem with the htaccess basic authentication. I have follow a demo here http://www.he.net/faq/tutorials/htaccess/demo.html For the purpose of verifying a working htaccess, I have copy all files word for word like follow: .htpasswd (user: john, pass: orange, user: sheri, pass: apple) =============== john:zOSE9NzIxzoYo sheri:bcrFMwAnWVM2A =============== .htaccess =============== AuthUserFile /www/.htpasswd AuthName jdoe_goodstuff AuthType Basic <Limit GET> require valid-user </Limit> =============== I have: 1. Tested this exact configuration on a live server, changing only the path of the .htpasswd to the server path -- It did works 2. Tried to adapt this to the uniform server -- Did not work 3. Debugged by placing htpassword everywhere I could think of, thinking that the path to the pass word file may be the problem -- Did not work Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Thanks olajideolaolorun, I think I will wait for the next version.
  4. Hello, Where can I find the mapping configuration for the url localhost/a/ to home\admin\WWW please? If I want to change the localhost/a/ to something like localhost/admin/ where can I make this change? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you, it was an old version of php dll in the window system folder. What I like the most about this is the fact that the .htaccess work very nice. I have tried other installation but could not get it to work. Not to mention the simplicity of running it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
  6. Hello, I am trying out uniformserver and very impressed with the simplicity :angry: Upon starting I have encounter the follow message ----------------------------------------------- PHP Startup: gd: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module API=20040412, debug=0,thread-safety=1 PHP compiled with module API=20041030, debug=0,thread-safety=1 These options need to match ----------------------------------------------- The message repeated exactly like above for mysql and sockets The Webserver then started and execute PHP like normal until requesting for mysql etc. Can some one please help Thanks in advance LeKhoi
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