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  1. could you please give more details i do not really understand " Setup at Startup, if the option is available for your computer"
  2. Is it possible to disable the bip sound when the server is stopped?
  3. probably most of us don't use 7z that's why weak votes for it
  4. I have just updated my phpbb have you already run install/update_to_latest.php ? you should check the version number on the admin panel (left-bottom) its removed from the main page footer
  5. I got it. Thanks I am glad to be one of the beta testers.
  6. http://localhost/a does not work but http://localhost/a/ why?
  7. i would be really happy if i can get this how? mail, ftp, web?
  8. probably i should start this in another thread but i have a question. i have already updated the mysql server in 3.2 In the latest version, there is no mysqld-opt.exe & used mysqld-max-nt or mysqld-nt but sometimes it reports failure - and uniserver needs to be restarted. Do you have an idea why this does this happen?
  9. nice to see the site online i am waiting for the new version - i would like to be a beta tester if it's possible thanks spuri
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