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  1. No Apache. MySQLXY... Disabled... Local System
  2. I have it installed on my USB key and the only appearance of the LibMySQL.dll file is in \Uniform Server\diskw\user\local\php
  3. I got no clue what SAM is, but I assume I don't have it. And I searched my entire computer for libmysql.dll and nothing.
  4. Me and olajideolaolorun spent an entire night trying to figure this out. We could not figure out how to get around this. Basically MySQL will not start up when I ask for it to start running. We tried MANY things and nothing worked. We tried so many things, its easier just to post the conversation we had. sachit: haha, alright... here's a quick story first to help you understand sachit: my office hired a guy to do their database... guy was an amateur (hated codign and thought it was hard)... so he made it in filemaker pro sachit: i hated it.... so i said i'd help design it again in mysql sachit: so, i found WAMP and found your Uni Server and wanted to install it on my USB key sachit: problem is... mysql doesn't work on it... i get the 2003 error olajid: 2003 error? sachit: i also gave in and tried installing it on my computer (apache, mysql and php) but i ccouldn't get them to work either.) sachit: hold up, let me start it up again and see what it exactly said olajid: soo you installed them singlely sachit: well AFTEr i couldn't get uni server to work... i went and downlaoded each individiually to install on my computer (something i didn't really want to do) sachit: well i installed the uniserver onto my USB sachit: hit the START file sachit: and the thing opens up in my browser.... sachit: NOW... how do i start running my php files ? sachit: and if i click Run MySQL, i get: sachit: ยป Security Alert! Possible Attack HTTP_REFERER is not localhost. but ''. To disable this warning go: /home/admin/www/cgi-bin/secure.pm olajid: so the serveer do work.... just problem with mysql? sachit: sorry, 2003 error was probably something else sachit: yah i guess mysql is the problem olajid: go to that file and put a # before every line in thsat file... thhe seecure.pm file. sachit: and also... where would i put my files to actually have it working? (and can i install phpMyAdmin?) sachit: see, the thing is... theres SEVERAL versions of that file olajid: phpmyadmin is already installed... sachit: oh ok sachit: ok ok... let me explain olajid: there should only be one secure.pm in the W:/home/admin/www/cgi-bin/en/ sachit: G: is my USB key... when i run it, it starts another on W: (i assume thats the server) sachit: oh ok... /EN/ olajid: they ar both the same thing... olajid: g and w sachit: i know, but the secure.pm file was what messed me up sachit: did you type that error message? sachit: cause you should add after /cgi-bin/EN sachit: so i comment out the ENTIRE file to the bottom? sachit: except the first line? olajid: w ia a subst of g sachit: heh... all these www, admin folders is kidna what made me drop programming and go into accounting sachit: i used to work at nortel networks.... couldn't take it anymore sachit: so i only have a basic highschool knowledge of this stuff which gets me by.... but i still like to do little simple projects sachit: ok, so i clicked Run MySQL again and it is a blank page (with the header and side bar around it) sachit: how do i know if its running? sachit: if i click phpMyAdmin: Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl4 Error MySQL said: Documentation #2003 - The server is not responding olajid: oh ok olajid: yap... olajid: wee didnn't figure it was needed causee iits should bee autopmatiic tat you know what lang u are using and need to chnage.. olajid: lol.. olajid: olajid: wait if iit is still loading.. olajid: l olajid: k sachit: i notice that there is no MySQL process running in the processes olajid: go to C:/Windows/System32 and loook for this fiile in that folder.... LIBMYSQL.DLL olajid: if you find it in there, delete it. olajid: i hope you already uninstalled the single softwares you installed.. olajid: they are bound to cause troubles sachit: ok, no libmysql.dll... and no i haven't uninstalled those sachit: i'll do that now olajid: please do it.. sachit: doing it olajid: andn after that cheeck for that file.. libmysql.dll in C:/Windows and C:/Windows32 sachit: ok sachit: and where do i put my files for them to work as a php file and stuff? sachit: oh, and that 2003 error was happening BEFORE i installed them anyways olajid: W:/www sachit: oh ok sachit: so i'm going to have to copy them there everytime or will they be saved there (ie, the usb key) ? sachit: ohhh... is W: basically a "shortcut" to the folder already on my usb key of the same nature? olajid: yap olajid: they are the same thing sachit: sorry for all these questions.... i uninstalled MySQL Server 5.0 and Apache 2.0 from the uninstall list sachit: PHP wasn't there... do i delete that manually? (AND.... the Apache2 folder is still there, can i just delete that?) olajid: yap sachit: and the php.ini that i had to copy in the C:/Windows? sachit: oh, and a suggestion... PLEASE change the scroll bars in your localhost page sachit: it takes FOREVER to scroll down sachit: ok, two things.... sachit: two things sachit: olajid: you mqan the admin panel? sachit: yah olajid: delete any php.ini in th C:/Windows folder olajid: we know sachit: yah i did sachit: that in the next update? sachit: heh, gets annoying having to scroll down sachit: ok, phpinfo(), i can see mysql in there sachit: but phpMyAdmin still gives me that error olajid: restart your pc sachit: alright, i'll be back in a second olajid: kl olajid: sachit: alright, restarting the server sachit: nope, same error sachit: any idea? olajid: check tthe process sachit: what things should i b elooking for? olajid: mysql.exe sachit: nope not there olajid: go to W:/local/mysql/ and click mysqlrun.bat sachit: even when i click Run MySQL it doesn't appear sachit: local doesn't exist sachit: oh, found it under usr olajid: ooops sorry sachit: no problem.... sachit: clicked it... dos window popped up and disappeared sachit: still nothing in processes olajid: k... therte is something blocking iit... sachit: hmm, any known programs that do that? olajid: just 3ds max sachit: nope, never have had that olajid: are you sure you seearched the C:/windows and C:/windows/system32 folder for libmysql.dll/ sachit: yup, i even ran a search on my computer olajid: also cheeck to make sure there is no fil caled my.cnf or my.ini or anything similar like my-small.cnf or my-small.ini in the C:/, C:/windows/, and C:/windows/system32 folder sachit: i found my (configuration settings) in windows/ sachit: deleted that olajid: k.. olajid: start it now sachit: nope, no mysql.exe olajid: u stqarted it? sachit: yah sachit: wait, no its not working sachit: i TRIED starting it olajid: do u know hoe to go to the seerviciees section of windows? sachit: nope olajid: go to run and type services.msc sachit: you mean help and support? sachit: ok i'm there olajid: check and see if mysql is there sachit: i see MySQLXY in there... and it says "Start the service" sachit: thats pointing to the MySQL Server 5.0 which was previously on my computer sachit: should i delete it? sachit: wait, i can't... no delete button olajid: yeah... thats the problem' olajid: disable it sachit: how? sachit: oh ok, got it sachit: nope, phpMyAdmin still gives me that error sachit: and still no mysql.exe olajid: u started it?" olajid: go to the windows firewall exception list sachit: ok sachit: checked off is mysqld sachit: and mysqld-nt olajid: sorry bout that olajid: are u there sachit: checked off is mysqld mysqld-nt sachit: there's like 4 Apache HTTP Server sachit: only one is for uniserver olajid: so they are checked? sachit: i unchecked the others olajid: make sure they ar all checked... sachit: they refer to the old ones... i deleted them olajid: is the new one therE? sachit: if i double click, the route is to the old apache ones sachit: yes, the uniserver one is there olajid: ahh... sachit: G:\Uniform Server\diskw\usr\local\apache2\bin\Apache.exe olajid: createe a new exception for port 3306 olajid: tcp sachit: name? sachit: MySQL Fix ? olajid: just mysql is okj sachit: ok sachit: nope... still nothing olajid: do you havee annother mysdsql server running? sachit: nope olajid: wrong queestion olajid: when u click mysqlrun.bat in the usr/local/mysql fioldeer... does it givee an error? sachit: nope sachit: just a dos window (blank) quickly pops up and closes olajid: try restartiing again pleas sachit: ok sachit: one second olajid: sachit: hey sachit: yah, no luck getting it started sachit: i disabled my antivirus and firewall sachit: nothing sachit: although TWO Apache.exe come up everytime i start the uniserver olajid: i tthink somethiing is blockiing it... sachit: yah olajid: just dont know what olajid: go to command prompt sachit: yup olajid: typ netstat olajid: tpe netstat -n and also netstat -a olajid: you are looking for port 3306 sachit: npoe, not there olajid: in all 3 of the commands sachit: nope olajid: doo u use remote desktop connection? sachit: yah sometimes : ~You have invited olajid to start Remote Assistance. Please wait for a response or cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation. olajid: wrong on : ~You have canceled your invitation to start Remote Assistance. sachit: how do i send you an invitation for that? : ~You have invited olajid to start Application Sharing. Please wait for a response or cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation. : ~You have canceled your invitation to start Application Sharing. olajid: canceel the crrent one olajid: i do not have windows messeenger installed so i do not know if it will work olajid: but lets try it sachit: ok, how do i do it? sachit: i found the little application... but i don't knwo hwo to send you an invitiation olajid: donnt worry.. olajid: wont work sachit: oh olajid: try and download a new copy and run it sachit: ok sachit: i just delete it off myusb key right? olajid: yes sachit: its extracting sachit: nope, same thing
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