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  1. Amazing! That was very well hidden indeed. Thank you. Frank W. Sweet http://backintyme.com/publishing.htm
  2. Traffic on my discussion group has increased since I installed one year ago. I have moved it to a much faster machine with 2 gig of memory. I am running on W-XP. Now I need to tweak MySQL to have a larger key buffer and allow more max connections. How do I do this? Despite what the console "help" and start.bat say, I can find no file named my.cnf or anything similar anywhere on the machine. The only thing that looks plausible is a file named my-small inside W:\usr\local\mysql\bin, but this file claims to be a speed-dialer (whatever that is). And, as far as I can tell, my phpMyAdmin 2.6.0-beta2 lets me look at the parameters but does not let me change them. Surely, there must be a way to tweak this thing. Frank W. Sweet
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