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  1. As I stated in my previous post, if I leave the settings as they are, the error stil shows up. I downloaded the PEAR package but i have no clue what to do with it. I tried to run a few of the php files but they all turn up with the same errors. And the bat files in the package don't do anyhting. I need some serious help here, i can't create a thing without this PEAR. Got some more tips / suggestions ??
  2. (My initial pear file was named Uni_go-pear.php) I took the go-pear.php file and placed in in my websire root. Then i accessed itfrom my browser.Changed the installation prefix to W:\home\admin\WWW\plugins and the php.exe file path to W:\usr\local\Php Not changing the installation prefix doesn't make any difference.
  3. I followed you tips but i'm unable to complete the installation. I get this error: The requested URL /co.php/pear-core/PEAR.php was not found on this server.
  4. Hi i just followed this tutorial on creating a login page in dreamweaver mx with php and mysql. http://www.adesdesign.net/php/tutorials/dr...ecure_login.php This tutorial is fairly straight forward and i think there's nothing wrong with it. I followed the given steps and when i was done and tried to reach the login page, i got this error. Warning: main(Connections/connectDB.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in W:\www\login.php on line 1 Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Connections/connectDB.php' (include_path='.;/usr/local/PHP/includes;/usr/local/PHP/pear') in W:\www\login.php on line 1 I think it has something to do with uniform server but i don't know what. Can somebody help me fix this problem. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm using WinXP Proffesional Sp2 Apache 2.0 PHP 5.0 I think the config for the unitray is totally screwed up cause the buttons: Admin panel, phpmyadmin and the items in the server generated menu don't work either.
  6. I've got another question. In the unitray menu there's an option under Apache and Mysql to start the command prompt.When i try to start them I get an error. Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not execute run action: The folder name is invalid Is this because I haven't installed them as services ?
  7. I just noticed that. :angry:
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I really thought i was doing something wrong :angry:
  9. That wasn't quite the answer to my question but it did answer another question :angry: The problem is that I copied and started the uniform server from my C: drive called Windows XP and now the W: drive is also called Windows XP. How do I change that. I can't get it to change to a different name
  10. I just installed the Unifrom server and the unitray plugin. Got the PHP test page working. When i right click on the unitray icon and go the Mysql and Apache the options to stop, start, pauze and restart are grayed out. And when I hover over the icon it says none of 2 services running, while I can access phpmyadmin and run mysql server from the uniform server admin page ?? Why is this ? What am I doing wrong or what did i forget?
  11. This might sound like a n00b question and basically I am one. I've searched but haven't found the answer. I want to know if you can rename the W: drive without causing any problems or errors ?
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