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  1. i exported my database with phpAdmin export function, and it generated a .SQL file, now i want to upload it. What do i need to do in order to access this. Would my code pick this up???
  2. sweet, this is my first open source project, i use ASP and SQL Server usually and they are both by Microsoft so integrating them with the Microsoft host package i got from my provider takes only seconds......thanks a bunch
  3. i am developing a website in php with a MySQL database. I know that the php files are in the WWW directory, but where the hell are the mySQL files so i can upload them to my server,lol?
  4. i have the same problem, i made the make and kill bats , it created the w drive but when i open US i still see the page not found error
  5. i have uniform serve up and running on my pc, but i just bought a laptop and cant get uniform server to work it give me a page cannot be found error i guess its cuz disk W is not even created... any help would be greatfull since the only reason i bought the laptop was to program on it
  6. you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for some reason, my php.ini file had the sendmail path un commented so once i commented it I stopped recieveing the SMTP error, and with OFFICE MAIL I am now receiving the mail I sent duringm y local code testing.......... much thanks!!!!!!!!!
  7. i always get and error asking about SMTP and SMTP Port and no matter what i change in the php.ini i cant use the mail function, any help would be very much appreciated
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