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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Kevin


    Why the heck am I the only one in the IRC channel??? I'm feeling lonely with bots Get your butt over there now
  3. Kevin


    kalimaaaa where? where? can i have 3.3 ?
  4. Kevin


    wut wut? why it is not encrypted? OMG hax0r olajideolaolorun breaks the Apache http again
  5. Kevin


    ko co chi ur welcome hhe
  6. Kevin


    or just: AuthUserFile .htpasswd
  7. Kevin


    Try AuthUserFile W:\www\.htpasswd AuthName jdoe_goodstuff AuthType Basic <Limit GET> require valid-user </Limit> And make sure: W:\www\.htpasswd is valid
  8. Kevin

    Page Forbidden

    Order deny, allow Deny from olajideolaolorun's computer Allow from all
  9. I bittorrented it ehehehe
  10. Wait until I post my Longhorn screenshot, u all will lose
  11. elyk, is this yr dell laptop or desktop?
  12. Nah, mine is so colorful, I win :angry: Now give me my cookie
  13. But they only attack port 80 :angry:
  14. If u block port 80 then how do they access yr website? :angry: Firewall? Which firewall is good for linux?
  15. Do I get a cookie if I win? :angry:
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