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  1. okay, yay, thanks a lot guys for all your help. i just turned off the security, as olajideolaolorun said and now everything works. this is fun now that it works :-)


    thanks again,


  2. yay it works... kind of... well, somewhat anyway, havnt fully tested it yet... but it turns on and off. btw, i had uninstalled the previous version of apache... just hadnt removed that stupid file.


    anyway... it loaded up fine and added the stuff and so on. one problem... new error when i clicked "run mysql server"



    Security alert!<http://localhost/a>

    Possible attack HTTP_REFERER is not localhost. but ''.


    (to disable this warning go: /home/admin/CGI/Secure.pm)


    and when i tried that link... it didnt exist... although thats kind of obvious... otherwise i wouldnt be posting x_x

  3. wow... okay... well, i just tried 3.2 and the good news is that Stop.bat does work now... only... there are 4 other problems that now exist... i copied them word for word:


    Apache.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point mysql_real_escape_string could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBMYSQL.DLL



    PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/PHP/extensions\php_mysql.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found.


    Apache.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point mysql_real_escape_string could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBMYSQL.DLL



    PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/PHP/extensions\php_mysql.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found.


    the first line is the title of the alert box thing and the second is the content (obviously).


    i kind of understand what it means... but at the same time no idea. i'll poke around and see what i cant come up with. might even try 3.1


    oh yeah, this computer:

    XP Home Edition (stupid firewall prohibits every little detail)

    AMD Duron Processor

    1.21GHz, 512 mb ram

    Norton Internet Security 2003 (very annoying)


    if you need anything else... just ask.. but if i cant get 3.2 working, im just going to wait to see what you guys say.

  4. okay... i lied... im back... i did a little experimenting with my computer and my dads (much newer) and his took to apache np, but when i tried to install for my computer, everything went screwy... so im pretty damn sure now that its my computer, nothing to do with your software... anyway, i dont know why i posted this before i tested it.. but i'll let you know of the results.

  5. well [edit]MrX, you were making sense for a while there mrx but now im lost entirely. away, i found a simpler alternative through http://www.apache.org


    figured it would be simpler on me to get a pre-configured installer and to just turn the entire computer, or something like that anyway... although not nearly as obvious as where to put the website itself... but i'll figure it out.


    anyway thanks for taking your time to help me and ill definately be back once i get a better computer.


    thanks a bunch,


  6. blah... this is... i dont know...


    the sstop.bat didnt do anything different and the stop.bat says it failed to do anything... there isnt anything running in the background, forground or any other ground and task manager, as well as all the ports say there is nothing using them or than the normal stuff...


    and the drive still does not shut down without a full restart...


    i have a simple explaination.... my computer is stupid and i need a new one... therefor.. im just not going to waste anyone elses time on trying to fix this.


    c-ya around...


  7. The drive is not leaving because the server is not shutting down....


    You cannot restart the server because the server is still running even after you run the stop.bat because it does not work....


    Somehow the process32 bug only affects the stop.bat file for your system....


    To shut the server down, kill the Apache.exe tasks and the uniserv.exe task in Task Manager. :rolleyes:




    okay, easy enough... but as i asked before... is it a one time use only? meaning all your work is lost/gone when you shut the server down?

  8. First, you lost me.


    Second, when you say the drive disappears, are you talking about the W:/ drive. If you are, ofcourse it is suppose to disappear. It leaves whenever you shut down the server ;) because it is connected to the server as a subst drive and not a real drive.


    Third, you are very lucky that it works with your Win98SE. We have had problems with it not even starting due to the Process32 bug we have been working on fixing before releasing 3.3


    Forth, you can shut the server down by killing the apache.exe or uniserv.exe task in Task Manager.


    Fifth, this is what i do not understand, what you are aksing for in your last paragraph... ? :rolleyes: If you are talking about it not making a new drive, then sorry.. we do not use registry so the only way to know the location of the server is with this... :unsure: :) and php and mysql won't start without the right paths and so won't apache...


    Try the services plugin, that one does not require another drive to be made... but it uses the windows services... oops.. sorry, win98 does not have services.. forgot :) lol




    i told you, im a noob to this world and so on. and no, the drive does not disappear when i shut down the server, only when i restart my computer.


    what i was asking is why i cant turn the server back on without having to restart the computer... or are uniform servers only meant to be temporary and one time use?


    if so, id like to ask that you tell me how i could get something a little more permanent. and if you cant, i understand and its fine.


    thanks for taking time to help me

  9. have you tried clicking "stop server" in the admin panel?




    no... i didnt really notice any other way x_x


    another problem that ive noticed now is that everytime i restart my computer, the drive disappears and it readds the files everytime, overwriting anything that previously existed. so its like having to reinstall it each time i restart


    Edit: okay, i just tried to shut down the server from the admin panel as you suggested... same invalid parameter -w:




    i really do like the idea of the server being on the computer and me having entire access and it being on its own drive but.... is there a possibility that it would be easier to somehow to my computer to read php/mysql without having to add another drive and turn on the server?

  10. It seems as if your server is not stopping. The stop file does not stop the server when ran.


    Try and download a new package and copy that Stop.bat file to replace the one you have and test it.


    If it does not work, please reply with your OS, and some brief info i could use to trobleshoot.


    Thanks :rolleyes:



    didnt change a thing, although i noticed a blip before it closed on me, so i paused the screen as it loaded and copied this. hope this helps some


    C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\UNISER~1\DISKW\USR\LOCAL\MYSQL\BIN\MYSQLA~1.EXE: connection to server at 'localhost' failed

    error: 'Can't connec to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)'

    Check that mysqld is running on localhost and that the port is 3306.

    You can check this by doing 'telnet localhost 3306'


    am i trying to start the server the wrong way? im using start.bat each time, dont know what else to use... and even when i turn on the mysql server on the /a/ page, i still get that error messege in the stop.bat and then the invalid parameter in start... well, by this time its now mysql or something else.


    info about the os... i'll give all the info i know, but if i forget anything, you'll have to ask for it.




    AMD-k7 Processor

    384.0MB Ram


    (taken from the system info from the control panel)


    hope this helps some...

  11. im not sure if it goes in here, but i thought id post it in here because its apache i was looking for...


    im just a noob to all this with apache and the only reason i was interested was so that i could learn php/mysql without using a lot of bandwidth and i also like to develope my work offline.


    information that might be helpful ( i dont know really what would be but...) im running 98se and am using the 3.1 version.


    anyway, my problem is that whenever i turn on the server, it works fine, until i try to turn it off... when i open stop.pif, the apache/mysql/pearl prompt comes up with an "invalid parameter -w" and then is "finished" so i cant do anything and have to close it.


    so when i close the (cmd) prompt and then try to start it up again (as i like to test things and figure out how they work) it tells me the W: is busy. that obviously rules out anything using port 80 since it worked the first time.


    now last night, i couldnt get it to work after turning it off, but when i restarted my computer, it turned on fine. it seems like i can only run it once until i restart.


    anyway, any help or even an explaination would be helpful. it doesnt bug me much its once a restart, but i still wouldnt mind knowing why.




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