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  1. Well, I downloaded the following application: Active Ports. It found the beast that was using PORT 80. Indeed, I had Skype running w/o knowing that it was running. Killed the process and it all worked fine. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have stoped Skype, MSN and everything possible. If I start Appache in the Appache server monitor, it starts fine. This ONLY starts Appache? If I start with the Server Monitor, will it have any problem?
  3. I have done a further analisys on this... I executed step by step of the server_start.bat file. Everything worked fine until it executed this comand line: W:\usr\local\php>start w:\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe "w:\usr\local\apache2\bin\Apache.exe -f \usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf -d \usr\local\apache2\." "w:\home\admin\program\close.bat w" I presume it is starting the uniserv.exe with Apache. After this line the W drive desapear and it won't work anylonger. NOTE: I don't even have IIS installed on my computer. Any help I can get is appreciated. Thanks, Augusto
  4. I have installed my Uniform Server on my Windows XP Pro. The first time I installed it to use with Joomla, it worked great. Everything to perfection. I have started to develop the site with joomla and SUDENLY, out of nowhere I CANNOT start the Uniform Server anylonger. I click on the Disk Start.vbs, it prompts me to the drive to start, I select the default W and when I look at the drive in the Windows Explorer, it does NOT start the drive. I just creates an icon with a red interrogation mark and does not start anything on the W drive. It opens the W:\home\admin\www\redirect.html and says that cannot find the page. Of course it will not, since it did not start the w drive. Any clues? I tried everything... looked at all the posts, but could not find what to do. Any help will be very well appreciated. Thanks, Augusto
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