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  1. Hello there, 🙂 I'm building an automatic leveling system for our RV, and I need very precise angle readings to figure out where level is for system. The I2Cdevlib MPU6050 part using the DMP gives readings that are precise enough, but the sensor resets to showing "level" whenever it's powered on. Could someone please point me in the right direction to get absolute (not relative to the power-on position) measurements from the MPU6050? Many thanks!
  2. Hi, folks I propose to install a Samsung F3 1TB sata hard drive in my XP Pro computer. The motherboard is an Asus A7N8X Deluxe with revision 1 sata connectors. Will the Samsung hard drive be compatible with the sata revision 1 connectors on the motherboard? I have heard that I might have to install additional software from Samsung to allow the new hard drive to function properly if it's connected to sata revision 1 connectors, is this true? I have searched the websites for such software but have been unable to find Any, also I find some notes like Hard Disk Drives Using Tips to confirm it. Is there anyone have ideas of it? Thank you in advance!
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