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  1. the answer is: Mysql->"Restore default password (root)" - though I hadn't changed anything. Hint: root password is set ("root")! though intro "Enter new MySQL root password or press cancel:" suggests, if cancel, there is no password.' Would have saved me a lot of time, if I had known.
  2. Suddenly can't access the databases via phpmyadmin any more. CMS works allright! See error message and Uniserver info attached.
  3. No help for my problem? can't install PHP5, see first post.
  4. thx! Mine came only withg PHP8 installed. As I said, I successfully installed PHP7.4 But my problem: PHP5 doesn't install. I need PHP5.3.
  5. Hello, Uniserver Zero XIV 14.0.3 comes with PHP8. Greyed out are different PHP7 versions, but I can't activate them. Installed PHP 7.4 module - worked. Means, Uniserver14 doesn't come with different versions preinstalled. But my problem: Also, I tried to install an old version, PHP5 from this site, installed it, a folder core/php53 was created - but doesn't appear in the list of selectable PHP versions.
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