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    PC Win Start-up

    duplicate sorry
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    PC Win Start-up

    Thanks very much for getting back to me. Works great. In order to have the control panel open I added add a line to open the control panel after the start commands so the when the control panel opens both servers are already on and green. Will not work if added before the start commands. Again thanks. CLS echo off rem elevate to run the script if not "%1"=="am_admin" (powershell start -verb runas '%0' am_admin & exit /b) :START_UNICONTROLLER rem add a small timeout TIMEOUT /T 1 >nul rem start up both servers - UniController and MySQL C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c c:\UniServerZ\UniController.exe start_both C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c c:\UniServerZ\UniController.exe exit
  3. bdic

    PC Win Start-up

    I am new to uniform server, it is a great product. I have installed uniform serverZ - XIV and everything is working well. I am using it in production mode and have no issues. My concern, however, is that I have selected under the extra tab, PC-Win Stat-up. I have selected items to run at startup up both apache and mysql as well as run at start-up. However, when pc starts up the server starts as verified in the task manager startup window, but I have to manually start the user interface and both apache and mysql are off and must be manually started. They start with no problem. My issue is that when windows does an update and restarts the computer, I have to manual start these items. This is even worse if I happen not to be around at the time. I have checked the us_config.ini and the configuration is correct. ______________________________________________________________________________ [PCSTARTUP] ; ;--PC initial start-up. ; RunAtPcStartUpEnabled Enables auto run at PC start up: true/false ; RunApacheAtStartUp=true Run Apache server at PC start-up: true/false ; RunMysqlAtStartUp=true Run MySQL server at PC start-up: true/false ; RunAtPcStartUpEnabled=true RunApacheAtStartUp=true RunMysqlAtStartUp=true ______________________________________________________________________________
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