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  1. League of Legends is still one of my favorite games, I started playing with a professional team, and it's even more amazing. I'm a big fan of games, and I found an esports database https://tips.gg/lol/matches/ with tips on esports and upcoming tournaments. Playing with professional players also helps me improve my gaming skills.
  2. In my opinion csgo is the best for this purpose
  3. I am interested in starting a new game. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. It's true. I'm also thinking about starting my own project. Working for someone else is not my thing at all, so I turned to a software company for my project . There is a lot of information that needs to be studied, but I think I can handle it.
  5. Now I've had three dates with the same woman. What you are looking for at 50 is different from 25. It's no longer a lightning strike when you meet someone at 50 I find. He went against me, seeing all these amazing escorts who are sexually uninhibited over the past 25 years, because it affected the way I look at civilian women. It definitely made me a lot more difficult, which allowed me to be a bachelor for almost my entire life. I met a lady who has the same ethnicity as me, who has been in Canada for 5 years and is in the last stages of obtaining her permanent residence card. She got married after only 6 months of dating her husband, because at that time she was very religious, and public pressure really pushed the tradition of marriage. She is still religious, but now she only hopes to meet a person with good morals, because her ex-husband should have been a good Christian, but he deceived her at least once. She was a professional musician, and I guess she had a mid-life crisis, partly due to her husband's infidelity and moved to Canada with two children to start over. They are now in the 9th grade and in the first year of university, respectively, and are open for their mother to meet again. One of the biggest problems I have is his financial situation. Unfortunately, as a first-generation immigrant, her employment opportunities are not so good. She now works as a cook, but hopes that once she gets a permanent place of residence, she will be able to start teaching music full-time. At the expense of alimony, she was able to buy a townhouse and drive a small brand-new Toyota SUV. It seems that she does not feel an urgent need for money, since she works only 24 hours a week. All the costs of raising his children seem to be taken over. His father was an early deceased university professor, and his mother was a teacher. She was well-mannered and a pleasant person. Partly because of her previous profession as an accompanist, she had to be attractive enough and lead a healthy lifestyle to make hearing cuts. She also does not have a wandering eye, because she passed 5 years without seeing anyone, and focused on raising her children. I am concerned about his lack of real career prospects and some problems in communication. I don't want to hold this against her because her English is better than my understanding of her native language, and because my parents were first-generation immigrants and also had limited opportunities, but it's in the back of my mind. I have a lot to lose because I earn over $ 100,000 a year, I'm mortgage-free and have been investing my retirement since I was 20. In ten years, I will also receive a 50% pension. A lot of things seem to be lining up, but I'm wondering if I'm making the financial issue a more important matter than it should be? When I look at it, I constantly ask myself if it will work.
  6. Let's share our experience on dating sites right here? A friend recently suggested to me a dating site on the Internet
  7. I don't think I've read an entire book in the last 5 years. Sad hey? I just don't enjoy reading. I wonder what that says about my mental ability.
  8. easier to recover commercial jobs because they do not have to get a large number back and they are regular customers...... I have lost a lot of commercial work in the last 20 years..... but I always leave on a favorable note, and half of them did not get better and I can get most of them back after a while....
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    I'm using OnSong to organize my song library. Right now I have more than 4000 chord sheets stored on my tablet with OnSong. And I can easily change the tone of a song. Ultimate Guitaris is a website that offers hundreds or thousands of chord sheets. I don't know if this will help
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    I have a lot of favorite apps like YouTube
  11. WanSko

    Harley Quinn

    Urgh, the crappy film version.
  12. WanSko

    Family Store

    I really like it it can be seen that you tried hard
  13. What CBD product is the best against anxiety?
  14. Pretty smooth. At first, however, I did not notice the "top team tablet". I was wondering what TTS means. I looked at him again and again, and then I noticed him.
  15. No, your vagina won't close It's an urban myth that your vagina will close, seal, or grow a new hymen if it doesn't see action for a while. It's about hormones: even when you're not having sex, your body still produces estrogen and progesterone, and these hormones keep the vaginal walls open and flexible, says Chrstine Greves, MD of a board-certified OB / gyn based in Florida. Just as the lotion soothes dry hands in winter, oestrogen helps to hydrate and maintain the vaginal wrinkles or creases that allow the vagina to expand when you're aroused. It is possible that the vaginal opening will shrink in size, but this happens after menopause and after a long sexual break. ” Over time, postmenopausal women who have a reduced amount of estrogen may notice that the diameter of the vagina becomes smaller if they don't have sex," explains the doctor. "But in my clinical experience, this usually only happens after five years [without sex] or more."
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    latest trip

    My last trip was to Greece. It was my first vacation in two years, so I decided to make the most of it. I spend almost a month there and I have received so many positive emotions that will motivate me for a long time. I love ancient history, so I liked Athens the most. It has a rich history and many wonderful places to visit
  17. I think you should drink vitamins and make anti-aging masks
  18. Boys watch porn in same way girls like to read sex stories. Even married men watch porn. But porn is harmful for the brain .Search the internet for porn addiction to find out more. You can share articles on porn addiction with your boyfriend to convince him not to watch porn. Watching porn while you are having sex with your partner is perhaps not that much harmful.In USA many couples watch porn while having sex.
  19. I have multiple diagnosed mental health issues and disabilities. Primarily being serious Agoraphobia, Autism (Asperger's), and very severe panic disorder (which comes with a handful of built in other comorbidities like paranoia, OCD, and a slew of personality disorders) and some half-diagnosed other things that are sort of stuck in a mid-diagnosis that hasn't finished because I haven't continued seeing anyone the last few years that I won't get into and are just as/more serious which is why they were taking longer to fully diagnose). I was born with all my issues but they're made dramatically worse on the emotional side because I still had something resembling a normal life until college-age - especially in regards to the agoraphobia and the panic disorder, but also with the rest getting much worse around then. Which means I'm not just some retarded person who knows no better; I've gotten to live a normalish life and I know everything I'm missing out on and the future I could have had. The better more healthy relationships, the friendships that actually work, going out for a walk, working, playing sports, being popular, being able to communicate on any level with others irl, being able to just fucking go outside or in my own kitchen without a problem and not being constantly terrified of every little thing and overwhelmed by fear constantly. As for how I deal; I just do. No therapy, no psychiatrist, no psychologist. When I saw a therapist they just whined about their family life and were pretty open about having no idea how to help with my issues. Psychiatrists are entirely about drug prescribing rather than caring about the patient, they just give you meds and say it'll fix it. It doesn't fix it, in my case it even made me so much worse that it was very dangerous, I tried multiple meds and gave them ample time and every time it was disastrous and risky and made me feel far worse in several ways and gave NO benefit. Psychologists, I wouldn't mind seeing one again, but they don't really help either. They're just more of a "at least I speak to a human being in person once a week" type of "help" rather than anything they say helping. All the psychiatrists and psychologists I've seen have also agreed my issues are beyond fixing and even beyond mitigating them to make the symptoms less severe. Being told I'm beyond help didn't really, you know, help. So for the time being I just cope by coping. I've never done drugs or drank alcohol so I still have all my built in coping mechanisms at good strength. Besides, I'm too overwhelmed by the agoraphobia and panic disorder constantly to be able to deal with coping.
  20. Barely at all. Maybe a couple of times a year, because I find it pretty boring. I noticed that a lot of the threads I see of yours involve sexual or romantic content - from virginity, to rape, to the weight of a woman, pregnancy to porn.
  21. Barely at all. Maybe a couple of times a year, because I find it pretty boring. I noticed that a lot of the threads I see of yours involve sexual or romantic content - from virginity, to rape, to the weight of a woman, pregnancy to porn.
  22. Do you follow the king of sports:football ? What's your opinion about american football, baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, boxing, athletics, tennis etc ? Do you know sports like lacrosse or pelota ? Is chess a sport at all ? Or are you one of those who don't follow sports at all ?
  23. How can I improve the security of my own site? Are there any other ways?
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