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  1. Which game do you gamble on? Dota 2, Overwatch, or CSGO?
  2. Well, a few weeks ago I had a gaming site installed on one of my domains. I'm not getting much traffic since I'm still working on it. Now that it's installed on my wordpress, I use yoast, but should I add additional keywords and information to each game with yoast. The only problem is that it will take forever, my site lists hundreds of games, lol. I've added newer games to my gaming site, mostly Flash games, but I'm trying to think about what others would like. So I added Sonic and Mario, as well as Doom . It is difficult to find a site from which to get games to add to your site .I hope this will increase over time, as many use similar sites.
  3. King's books are my favorite. But he often uses etc in his books and it was a little bit hard for me to understand - why so often? I decided to check essayshark.com to read more how to use etc in a sentence and was suprised. Now I realize how important it is for writing books in general..
  4. Here's my list. I hated how loud fire drills were when I was in a small school. I remember once they made a fire that scared me as a child. - Once I hated it, we had to do a test based on the notes we made during a small short film we saw at music school. If we correctly scored the sum x or more, the teacher said that we are ready for admission to college. If we were to fall below this level, we would not be ready for college. I never remember doing anything like this for college. I hated the way teachers sometimes got unnecessarily angry about the little things. I once tried to write an article and washed in the same place on the paper so many times that it got stained. I have scissors to cut it, and I got in trouble for it. I hated the Pokemon card ban. I swear you could bring weed to school while you're there. It's like I can understand that I don't take it to class, but kids should be allowed to take it to campus. - I hated pep rallies. I thought they were completely meaningless, with a lot of noise and meaningless shenanigans. I pretended to have headaches and went to the nurse before I went to high school. I think he knew what I had in mind, but he accepted it anyway. One day a child hit me in the face because I took a quarter of a dollar that kept throwing at me. I was in trouble once because I would write a list of suspects with the names of the other students. I never did and was written without hearing my story until it was heard later. I hated how bad my classmates treated me. They'd find a way to scare me. Once, the substitute wanted to write a good note, even if they were acting on my nerves. "Frankly, they would hate me because I believed in evolution, I sympathized with LGBTQ people, and since I was autistic, they would hate my unusual behavior. - I hate standardized tests and I think they are a waste of time for both the student and the teacher. Imagine being in an advanced class, only to choke for the test. I hated the way we paid for the dance, even when we didn't plan to. For God's sake, adjust the ticket prices. It was an almost exhaustive list that I tried to compose in an almost consistent order, but maybe you have some things that you hated in school now or some time ago.
  5. League of Legends is still one of my favorite games, I started playing with a professional team, and it's even more amazing. I'm a big fan of games, and I found an esports database https://tips.gg/lol/matches/ with tips on esports and upcoming tournaments. Playing with professional players also helps me improve my gaming skills.
  6. In my opinion csgo is the best for this purpose
  7. I am interested in starting a new game. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. It's true. I'm also thinking about starting my own project. Working for someone else is not my thing at all, so I turned to a software company for my project . There is a lot of information that needs to be studied, but I think I can handle it.
  9. Now I've had three dates with the same woman. What you are looking for at 50 is different from 25. It's no longer a lightning strike when you meet someone at 50 I find. He went against me, seeing all these amazing escorts who are sexually uninhibited over the past 25 years, because it affected the way I look at civilian women. It definitely made me a lot more difficult, which allowed me to be a bachelor for almost my entire life. I met a lady who has the same ethnicity as me, who has been in Canada for 5 years and is in the last stages of obtaining her permanent residence card. She got married after only 6 months of dating her husband, because at that time she was very religious, and public pressure really pushed the tradition of marriage. She is still religious, but now she only hopes to meet a person with good morals, because her ex-husband should have been a good Christian, but he deceived her at least once. She was a professional musician, and I guess she had a mid-life crisis, partly due to her husband's infidelity and moved to Canada with two children to start over. They are now in the 9th grade and in the first year of university, respectively, and are open for their mother to meet again. One of the biggest problems I have is his financial situation. Unfortunately, as a first-generation immigrant, her employment opportunities are not so good. She now works as a cook, but hopes that once she gets a permanent place of residence, she will be able to start teaching music full-time. At the expense of alimony, she was able to buy a townhouse and drive a small brand-new Toyota SUV. It seems that she does not feel an urgent need for money, since she works only 24 hours a week. All the costs of raising his children seem to be taken over. His father was an early deceased university professor, and his mother was a teacher. She was well-mannered and a pleasant person. Partly because of her previous profession as an accompanist, she had to be attractive enough and lead a healthy lifestyle to make hearing cuts. She also does not have a wandering eye, because she passed 5 years without seeing anyone, and focused on raising her children. I am concerned about his lack of real career prospects and some problems in communication. I don't want to hold this against her because her English is better than my understanding of her native language, and because my parents were first-generation immigrants and also had limited opportunities, but it's in the back of my mind. I have a lot to lose because I earn over $ 100,000 a year, I'm mortgage-free and have been investing my retirement since I was 20. In ten years, I will also receive a 50% pension. A lot of things seem to be lining up, but I'm wondering if I'm making the financial issue a more important matter than it should be? When I look at it, I constantly ask myself if it will work.
  10. Let's share our experience on dating sites right here? A friend recently suggested to me a dating site on the Internet
  11. I don't think I've read an entire book in the last 5 years. Sad hey? I just don't enjoy reading. I wonder what that says about my mental ability.
  12. easier to recover commercial jobs because they do not have to get a large number back and they are regular customers...... I have lost a lot of commercial work in the last 20 years..... but I always leave on a favorable note, and half of them did not get better and I can get most of them back after a while....
  13. WanSko


    I'm using OnSong to organize my song library. Right now I have more than 4000 chord sheets stored on my tablet with OnSong. And I can easily change the tone of a song. Ultimate Guitaris is a website that offers hundreds or thousands of chord sheets. I don't know if this will help
  14. WanSko


    I have a lot of favorite apps like YouTube
  15. WanSko

    Harley Quinn

    Urgh, the crappy film version.
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