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  1. I've heard something about ssl certificates. They seem to improve the site's encryption.
  2. I just need a basic website with about a dozen pages.....a home page, a simple spec sheet type page for each of the 7 product models and an info/contact page. Would it be easiest to choose a web based company or Ionos and choose a template they offer, or are there small time web design companies/freelancers who can do the work for a reasonable fee and make a handfull of changes once or twice a month?
  3. I'm currently working as a freelancer, but at the moment I'm going to start my own business. This is a very difficult task, but I study and prepare for it a lot. I also read various business blogs here https://spdload.com/blog/food-delivery-business-model/. I will hope that I will succeed.
  4. You only need to use a VPN https://veepn.com/unblock-websites/. But it is worth noting that using a free VPN is quite dangerous, since you can lose your online accounts and even Bank accounts. Therefore, I strongly recommend buying VPN services. I can recommend Veepn. This is a very reliable and fast VPN service.
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