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  1. I have used Certbot for Windows to generate LetsEncrypt certificate files. This process has worked correctly, and I've checked the MD5 hash using openssl and they match too. However, when I assign them to the vhost in the Apache conf file and try to start Apache, I get the message "Apache failed to start". My SSL directives in the VirtualHost section of the conf file are: SSLCertificateChainFile "${US_ROOTF}/Certbot/live/dev.harc.uk/chain.pem" SSLCertificateFile "${US_ROOTF}/Certbot/live/dev.harc.uk/fullchain.pem" SSLCertificateKeyFile "${US_ROOTF}/Certbot/live/dev.harc.uk/privkey.pem" SSLEngine On When I get the error message it is in a popup. However, nothing is written to the log files in c:\UniServerZ\core\apache2\logs - in fact if I delete all the log files and try to start Apache, no log files are even created. I have non-SSL virtual hosts working perfectly well in this server. I am also using port 8080 for http and 8081 for https. Any ideas how I can debug this problem? Thanks in advance.
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