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  3. With 10 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, we've learned a lot about pain points that cross-border eCommerce business owners have been struggling with. And it's also the motivation and the main reason we created ShopBase - the first white-label, dropshipping, and print on demand (POD) platform in the world. The question is being an eCommerce platform rookie, what makes ShopBase better than other platforms and become the best Shopify alternative? Today we’ll give you the full close-up look article to show you the differences between ShopBase and Shopify. This article will use the following points to compare ShopBase with Shopify. Use the analysis to identify our significant differences, make an informed choice, and find a breath of fresh air for your business. WHY SHOPIFY ALTERNATIVES? Shopify isn’t SEO friendly Shopify limited variants Customization is a hassle The cost WHY SHOULD SHOPBASE BE YOUR GO-TO CHOICE? ShopBase key success How can ShopBase be better than Shopify? Innovative online store No hard limitation on the number of products and variations Built-in apps and conversion optimization tools In-house dropshipping agent Extremely affordable pricing plan Click here to read the full article: ShopBase - The Best Shopify Alternative: Ultimate Choice for All eCommerce Merchants!
  4. For more info about ShopBase, you can read about Shopify alternative to know how ShopBase can surpass Shopify to become the best eCommerce platform.
  5. ShopBase dropshipping themes are the best options to create an optimized store with eye-catching templates to give visitors a pleasant shopping experience. Here's the list of ShopBase 11 perfect store templates (and still more to update) designed specifically for dropshipping & POD business The best thing is NO EXTRA COST! Decoration: Template for Home Furniture & Decoration Phone case painting: Template for Phone Case Painting & accessories Handicraft store: Template for Handicraft and handmade items Dronez: Template for single-product store Kid-clothes: Template for kids clothes and toys Belle store: Template for cosmetics & toiletries Modefeme: Template for fashion Wristmate: Templates for watches Fonction: Template for Sport and Fitness Pawzies: Template for pet food and products Pethouse: Template for pet food and products Your website can be adorable, high-fashion, playful but make sure to get the most professional look to effectively promote your products and win customers.
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