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  1. CScotty

    Change to PHP 7.3

    I resolved this. The approach was all wrong. The correct method is to use the plugin which is located here https://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Uniform Server ZeroXIV/ZeroXIV Modules/ There reason I tried to use the binaries was because I was not able to find the plugins. Hopefully this will help someone else find them.
  2. CScotty

    Change to PHP 7.3

    I've installed Uniform Server XIV which comes with PHP7.4. I need to switch to PHP7.3 but the option is greyed out. I downloaded the 7.3 binaries, named the folder php73 to a address that issue. However Apache is not happy and won't run. Are there additional steps I need to take? PS: I did notice 1) The php.ini files needed renaming. 2) Added this line to php.ini extension_dir = "${US_ROOTF}/core/php73/extensions" 3) Renamed the 'ext' folder under PHP73 to 'extensions' but that didn't help. BTW nothing in the apache logs.
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