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  1. Your 32 bits PHP compilation is super smashing. So I myself took the two kits - 1 apache upload and one php upload, downloaded them from clouds, fog and sanddust and placed them and fired it up without uniserver, and guess what? 64 bits identified with PHP_INT_SIZE constant, which by the way every machine since the year shift 2000 has. It was a great wonder before that shift, what it meant Nostradamus had foretold, and there you have it. One more novel to tell the little kids in betrayal of their heavenly trust - oh we sing halleluja ... hAllelUjA .. HALLEluja .. with Nostradamus brotherly foretold genital nonsense -. But with 64 bits integers, no - guess what - those dum mother suckers only allow signed integers in PHP 7 degrees celcius, so it's 56, but enough to circumvent a database, lower space, lower nothing, gear ventilate blah blah. By the way schools nowadays teach multiplication and division for free, for nothing? You come here, learn it, go away, reincarnate, come back for what? It's free. You get it? You can do math - they call it, but it's about remembrance, ever since the big bang of Jesus Christ oh lord nothing in heaven has happened, it's all money for nothing, get it, it's free? Why math is logic, not remembrance, correct? So 1 AND 1 is 1, 1 AND 0 is 0, is rules with logical difference in outcome between AND, OR ... And with those you can do addition and subtraction without remembering. .. Correct? So why remember the differences between 6 or 7 or even 8 in multiplication and division, when it's all math and comes down to bits and bytes foretold in nonsense like HEX values, octaves, clarinet games bringing us back to you know what? Who it is, all this LEGO belong to in reality: Schoolteachers, builders of Earth and Sun originally. Not the Moon of course, it's a sperm disease, a contraction from outer space before the big bang, halleluja and the angels "oh here we come .." sperm again, when back in the days with Luke Skywalker and hellish his Father Sing Sing, they fought, and the rebels won .. thought they, cause oh look the machine is still out there in space causing ravage to the whole ecosystem on Earth. Catastrophe? Yes, but being kukuk yourself is much worse, you agree? So which catastrophe are we talking about now: The one why all BORG wear watches on their armwrists to foretell, what's coming, ever since the big bang new year, when it all began, because remembering became an issue and there philosophy started? Or where BORG began, oh lord what have we done - sinned again, spermed again - and it became cold, so the Moon shinned, and it was summer here and there in disease? No we are now talking about your master degrees in scholarship from horny dormitories to mathematical remembrance of what a brain else might normally do, when functioning properly healthy - by the way, cause it was a big meltdown, when the lord came who they waited for and sang "oh .. here he comes" sperm again. You can do division WITHOUT remembering anything, for example how many times 3 multiplies in 10 etc. Just look at those bits and run them straight down and you know what, they always end up with both modulus and division, so why does PHP only offer, that you must do such calcules twice to get both modules and division? They call it reincarnation. Oh here he comes again our lord Jesus Christ, sperm all over. It's a catastrophe. 1010/11 = 0011 with modulus 1 -------- 101 -011 -------- 0100 -0011 ------- 0001 See any division ~ remembrance in above example, no. Only subtraction. And it has two results, one PHP function rebirth for each. Take that mother suckers. So why do you call kids stupid until adulthood, exam in dorms, when it's teaching for free? Graduation, explosion; take that mother sucking machines, kids for free in dormitories .. explosion in sing sings down under below the belly above above it goes around around again and down below it goes for, it's a catastrophe!
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