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  1. So you update uniform server project but still choose to default ftp, which is generally used php. Instead you turn on logs writting by default, I found 32 GB logs after some months development in PHP. Wtf for? Every time you start uniserver it requires mysql root password, wtf for? You think, you are growing up from a race of apes, but the way you imagine, you are on the way to indian stage, which is before the monkey stage and finally among the dinosaurs. It's f* nuts. There was a time, but humans lost it ~ started philosophizing - so it became year zero in remembrance of nonsense, wide open GaGa horniness, which every newborn these days displays correctly "I must say my lord, emperor: what fine silk clothes you wear -, but in reality we wear nothing, naked and cold among animals, a disease, that happened at the "beginning of creation", when Adam and Eve discovered they were naked. And in remembrance humans came in need of machine to measure time and to calculate, philosophy is kukkuk. Yes just look at yourselves, the watch on your arm, the nakedness among animals and a computer to think, because upstairs you've gone kukkuk; and you call these technology means richness, but you only need them now, because of disease. Why aren't you crying so? Babies do that .. Because yet another toy makes you happy. I found something better than websocket, that requires yet a port to report server actions back to client. But it's rubbish. It's stupid. It's seduction. Once there was a brain intelligent like the computer on spaceships in Star Trek fiction novels. So the organism is a star ship? Yeah, that's yet a kuk kuk disease to believe you're made of rubber from gasoline oil breathed in the air every where now - static itching and causing nuisance urge to pie -. But it was a galaxy class star ship, because where are we then, look around yourself .. kuk kuk blindfolded. So with nothing better to do in those days they fought global wars in space, Darth Vader sent his Moon in cycle around Earth to destroy it. And Luke Skywalker stopped it in his moonrocket machine, where is it by the way now one might ask. Because Moon was left disturbing the force, which steers Earth's rotation angle to Sun. Look it up in wikis etc they specifically say now that seasons are caused by Earth's whole rotation around Sun in a convinient angle. And the funny game Kerbal Space Program, that historically explains humans' space pollution with rocket science, there is no telling how the Earth actually steers. But you can look that up too in remembrance, you idiots, Moon always face Earth with same side, showing same landscape, why? It's a mystery in our books, and it's a secret, because you know what? The fact is simple, it has iron mostly there, so Earth's magnetic field causes it to be closest or furthest (if it's really on other side), but with this iron it pulls in Earth's magnetic steer, which is suppose to keep Earth spinning exactly, so its equatorial circle always faces Sun, but instead Moon ravages it and causes seasons, so trees and plants die, where it has become cold. Yes, the Earth's north and south poles are its steer in correct spinning for day and night. Who cares, when their minds are set on warring eachother, who wins and such. To them it is just toys for smashing fun. Like the mathematical PI, the mytical PI. It's a great joy in trolifyt. So it has to be secret. And that's it: Why didn't those freaking nerds discovering BASIC back in the days of remembrance also pulled asses together, when their penable grew and started a new demand for interaction between server and client? So every one now can have great joy in rabbling nonsense like PHP strings with punctual . pulling them together and javascript with the similar operator as plus sign + in rubbish translators called programming languages; rubbish because there is only one language, and it's called logic. The final stage, the complete, it was where it began with disease in the brain. Eyes, many people happy with glasses forget about, what's actually physically wrong causing them need to use glasses instead. That's why you're all on the road to primal age; jerks, serial killers living of animal meat, soldiers of fortune .. bye bye. So here it comes, something better than websocket to believe, we still enjoy ourselves in garbage, happy vandalism in playsickness: They have made communication between client and server a mysterious f* adventure with PHP and javascript study for your benefit in order to become scolars, teachers, well dressed manners after seeing the organic fluish in collage schools dormitories. Data are simply bits, and mom and dad have confused it with encoding and JSON for your upbringing into emptiness. Can you trust, predict posting forth and back will work now after well ... years since internet began (you stupid idiots, since it began even before king Herodes with the helmet and the largos for king and heaven, uprising in Satans demise)? Nope. Some of the first was HTML <iframe> element that had an address field for GET and content field to receive posting in. But then mom and dad upstairs in the heavens saw with distressed eyes ingrown to take punishment from fist and yet more to come - upon security lacks here and there under Sun. They call police security service, you know, though those angles of heaven always turn up after accident already has happened for fun. And just before banning <iframe> with blocking code, they invented a new - same joy - called xmlhttprequest in javascript, double trouble with ajax a nickname after some retard mistook it in apprehension for a soap of similar name to lots of fun in notion and wonder about life and such. To make it report server actions binarily, it is necessary to use a xmlhttprequest "object" with responsetype = 'text' and ("taking action" -->>) overrideMimeType('text\/plain; charset=x-user-defined'); Then it's now possible in your rubbish to transmit signals real time from server and read them in client events. Using other types for instance binary .. this or that, only reveals sh*t at end. And for internet transmission they propose to specify sent data type in order for ISPs to grasp them, so they can sell them for instance who you are and what you're reading now to government agencies in terroism. Wtf cares. The newest rewrite of the same shift, is a javascript function called fetch. So you dealing with logic, can pick between colors in nuisance tuttifruit on the road to primal age.
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