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  1. Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms for enterprise-grade decentralized applications and smart contract solutions. Take a look at its potential for enterprise blockchain solutions development. Ethereum is apparently becoming one of the leading blockchains among enterprises. For instance, as per Forbes’s report, more than 50% of firms included in the “Blockchain 50: Billion Dollar Babies” list are using Ethereum blockchain to build applications on top of it. The following are a few key reasons these enterprises are opting for Ethereum blockchain development
  2. Stellar blockchain provides cost-efficient and fast payment solutions , especially for SMEs and startups. Its ability to accept and transfer payments in any currency is the key highlight that creates opportunities for new financial markets. Read on for more information. A decade ago Bitcoin made headlines for its capacity to transform payments and introduced the concept of digital currencies. Blockchain, the underlying technology has since been explored by players in the financial services industry to create new digital currencies and trading exchanges. A variety of blockchain platforms have now emerged to solve various challenges in the financial services industry. One platform that is widely popular for simplifying cross-border transactions is Stellar. Stellar is an open-source blockchain platform for creating digital decentralized payment systems that provide fast transactions in any pair of currencies. With Stellar blockchain development services, banks, financial institutions, and people can connect through decentralized financial markets for payment based use cases like cross-border transfers and remittances.
  3. A crypto wallet application enables crypto users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. Essentially, it is similar to a physical wallet used to store fiat currencies. It holds records of all cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain network while using the concept of public and private keys to enable transactions on the network. You can explore the essentials of a cryptocurrency wallet development, including features, advantages, and security aspects. Crypto Wallet Application Development with Oodles We have a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency development experts with deft expertise in building secure crypto wallet application. Further, we rigorously analyze privacy and security concerns to implement robust security mechanisms that ensure protection against frauds or unauthorized users. Also, our development methodology ensures compliance with regulatory standards on consumer protection standards and anti-money laundering and financial transactions with crypto wallets.
  4. Creating a (traceability) system for the entire food supply ecosystem is always a challenge. At Oodles, we think that blockchain technology is a good fit to address this problem with the Hyperledger Application Development Services. Blockchain enables trust, immutability, and transparency in the business ecosystem. In the past, many companies have tried to create a traceability system, but they never scaled because they were centralized databases. Blockchain is a decentralized, shared ledger that can enhance the legacy food system. Given the blockchain’s potential in business, Walmart decided to develop two proof of concept (POC) projects
  5. you can explore two emerging concepts that have shown significant potential to revamp the current paradigm of global businesses. We will take a look at the integration of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform development, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. However, we need to understand the basic concepts of smart contracts, MLM, and cryptocurrency. Adopting an MLM business plan can provide flexibility, cost-effective operation, a good scope of income, no time and place limit, insignificant quantum of risk, high leverage, progressive business model, and diverse models to choose from. If you think MLM is not an efficient marketing model, the integration of smart contracts with cryptocurrency into the structure can completely change your perception. It might surprise you how smart contract solutions development for cryptocurrency-based MLM models eliminates the flaws of the mechanism.
  6. With a ready-made solution like Oodles Scaffold, you get benefits from both the crypto exchange development methods. You can build a crypto exchange platform that meets complex business requirements with highly secure and scalable features of both open source script and white label solution. It makes it a viable choice over a white-label solution and open source exchange script. Reach out to us for more information about our cryptocurrency exchange development services. We consult fintech startups and financial services providers to choose the most suitable option for their business strategy.
  7. Blockchain for ERP provides businesses with what no other technology can offer, smart contract implementation. With ethereum blockchain app development and smart contracts for ERP solutions, you can automate the transaction process with your suppliers. Once the pre-defined rules coded in computer programs are met, a smart contract initiates itself to automatically and process a transaction. Indeed, you can track the process of shipment and trading, and when once you have received your shipment, the smart contract can automatically release the funds.
  8. Crypto enthusiasts can also refer to this guide that details the essentials of cryptocurrency exchange platform development in 2020 to ensure success. Crypto exchange companies like Oodles also provide options to develop a crypto exchange with different methods. They include providing a turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software as well as development from scratch to meet specific requirements.
  9. Oodles Scaffold, our turnkey cryptocurrency exchange platform makes the task of adding a new fiat/cryptocurrency an effortless activity. It enables you to modify configurations such as transaction fees, number of confirmations, and much more. Our cryptocurrency exchange development services can convert your current financial ecosystem into a new and improved version of itself
  10. At Oodles, our experts believe that blockchain healthcare solutions with smart contracts can bring various positives in the industry. In this blog, we will analyze the role of blockchain smart contracts in the healthcare industry. Blockchain smart contracts allow records and information to be stored on a digital ledger. This means if a patient was moving from one hospital to another, they would be able to do so with ease and without having to fill out numerous forms. Records can then also be viewed by the patient’s preferred physician on the blockchain network
  11. We provide secure and reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services for the safe management of crypto-assets. Our crypto-wallet solutions are backed by features like top-grade security mechanisms, scalability, robustness, and more. If you’ve just stepped into the crypto world by purchasing your first few cryptocurrencies, you might be looking to know which type of cryptocurrency wallet to choose to store them. For seasoned crypto enthusiasts, this task is nothing.However, a newbie who’s interested, it can be quite daunting. In general, there’s no hard and fast rule for it. In reality, it depends on your preferences.
  12. Ethereum is a public, decentralized blockchain that also acts as an open-source platform to develop decentralized applications. It is one of the most popular blockchains in existence, second only to Bitcoin (BTC) with a market share of USD 19,556,818,393. Setting up an Ethereum testnet can be a daunting task and resource exhaustive. However, we can set up our own Ethereum private testnet without a genesis file, which is easy to do and also less resource-intensive. Also, to know more about app development with Ethereum, visit our Ethereum blockchain development services. Then, we can test our DApps on this Ethereum private testnet without having to use real ETH. Pre Requisites OS:- Ubuntu 16.04 or later Memory:– C++ compilers are memory-hungry. It is recommended to have at least 1.5 GB of memory available. Setting up Ethereum Private Testnet By following the below steps, you can set up a private testnet node on your local machine. Installing geth $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ethereum/ethereum $ sudo apt-get update Initiating the blockchain $ geth --datadir <path to your dataDir here> --dev Exit the console Starting the private blockchain $ geth --dev --port 3000 --networkid 58343 --nodiscover --datadir=<path to data Directory> --maxpeers=0 --rpc --rpcport 8543 --rpcaddr --rpccorsdomain "*" --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,personal,miner" --ws --wsport 8546 --wsaddr --allow-insecure-unlock Significance of different flags used –dev:- It means the eth node runs in development mode and there will be mining only when there will be transactions on the given node. –data-dir:- The path to the datadirectory to be used. –max peers:- It is 0 since we want to set up private testnet. Noone from outside our machine will be able to connect to the node. –rpc:- It allows us to use RPC methods. –rpcport:- Port to be used to connect to our node with RPC requests. –rpcaddr:-Address of the machine trying to connect to this instance of the node. Since we are setting it up on a local machine, it will be –rpcapi:-You can mention modules that you can use for RPC requests to the node. –ws:-It allows our node to be connected with a WebSocket. –wsport:-Port to be used to connect to our node using web sockets. –wsddr:- Address of the machine trying to connect to our node through a web socket. Here it is –alow-insecure-unlock:-It allows account creation request to be fulfilled by our node by an HTTP connection. Attach process and start geth console in a new tab $ geth attach Create a new account > personal.newAccount(password) Remember this password. The address generated by the above command will be the coinbase address where all the fake ETH for testing will be deposited. Check if there is any mining using > eth.mining You might not see mining as the private testnet is running in the development mode which means there will be mining only when there is a transaction on the private testnet. Check the balance of coinbase address > web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase),"ether")
  13. Blockchain applications and solutions have already become the desired addition to several clinical and pharmaceutical operations. Health organizations are using them to establish end-to-end drug supply chain tracking, validate clinical trial results, and prevent health insurance fraud. Similarly, Blockchain implementation in EHRs can revamp several traditional data management standards and provide three new methods for tech-driven care delivery. Presently, blockchain is a prominent technology capable of strengthening EHR systems and making it a full-fledged center of tech-driven care. Recent developments in the blockchain for healthcare industry signify that its adoption rate will likely increase. Startups have already begun investing in blockchain for mobile EHR apps for improved health care and provide data control capabilities to patients. If you’re looking to explore blockchain’s advantages in EHR management, connect with our blockchain team for insightful guidance.
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