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  1. I have Uniform Server Zero XIII 13.3.2 running on my Desktop (C:), long enough to have completely forgotten if and what and how I set it up at start. It is the working environment for a TNG genealogy site. I regularly copy the database to my online webbased site. Works fine. I have bought a laptop (and a NAS too) now, in order to be able to work in the much cooler living room during the ever warmer summers.. Now I have copied the whole folder with the server and all of the webite to the root of a network drive, with Z: as the assigned drive letter. Since Uniform Server is portable, I expected it to run automagically. But it doesn't. Killed the first instance, rebooted, started the new one: no success. I have responded to messages to an extent, that I don't know the current status anymore. Will do the copy operation again, but what must I do to have it succeed?
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