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  1. To fix this problem, the ODBC Driver settings need to be adjusted. Follow these steps: Click Start > Settings >Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Click the "System DSN" tab in the ODBC Data Source Administrator Window. Select the name of the Banner/Oracle data source from the list. Click the Configure button. 5. On the Application tab of the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration window, un-check all checkboxes with the exception of Read-Only Connection 6. On the Oracle tab of the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration window, un-check the checkbox for Enable Failover (refer to Figure 2). 7. Click OK to Save changes. 8. Reboot the PC.
  2. thank you so much for the solution! it fixed my issue perfectly
  3. i did as you said but still doesnt work for me. some one??
  4. simicartan

    What's Free!

    wow thanks for sharing this
  5. simicartan

    Wiki Access

    again?? they were down in 2012 and now i found out they downed again in 2007 ! sad and disappointed but not surprised
  6. i'm shooketh with this news too omg
  7. why dont you just use google. i think it is the best search engine out there>
  8. I dont know much about domain or whatever that is. can someone explain it to me?
  9. simicartan

    Wiki down

    They are working perfectly now! just for your information
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