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  1. I'm an old dog (75) not very good at learning new tricks.

    I still use Coral_8_0_0 to create my WAMP server and am comfortable with it, so please don't tell me to upgrade to 13_3_2_ZeroXIII.

    I have tried that and haven't yet worked out how to have several websites in the vhosts folder and get to them via the localhost.

    I promise that I will sort that out - but, meanwhile, I have another more pressing problem:


    I am running Windows 10 on a desktop computer, and I have Apache running as a service and I can :

    1. Stop it when I like and restart it when I want;

    2. Maintain 13 websites in the vhosts folder;

    3. Look at each site via the localhost.


    A few weeks ago the Windows 10 OS was upgraded for April 2018 to version 1803, and my setup stopped working :

    1. I could not stop or start apache either as a service or as a programme;

    2. I could not look at my local sites via localhost.


    This was really annoying as I update most of these sites on a daily/weekly basis.

    Also Dreamweaver did not work properly as it could not access the local site.


    I uninstalled the version 1803 upgrade and - magic - Apache and Dreamweaver and the localhost worked perfectly again.




    I sync everything to my laptop which also has windows 10 (not yet upgraded) where everything works as I like.

    Today - the 1803 upgrade arrived and I installed it to see what would happen.

    Alas - Apache and localhost stopped (like on the desktop machine) so I uninstalled the upgrade and everything reverted back to normal.


    I would like to solve this problem before I get stuck into sorting out the latest version of WAMP.


    Any help will be gladly received. Thanks in advance.

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