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  1. As I've seen no activity, I have abandoned this project and I'm now using official Apache and PHP 7.2 binaries for my needs.
  2. No, it doesn't work. That's why I gave up on Uniserver and installed binaries of Apache and PHP 7.2 and everything works great since I only need sqlite and not mysql.
  3. Thank you for your answer, I'm looking forward to it.
  4. PHP 7.2 is around the corner and the current controller doesn't recognise it, because "Select PHP version" menu has hardcoded values up to PHP 7.1. I tried to manually edit "us_user.ini" to have the line "PHP_SELECT=php72", but it didn't work. Besides, PHP 7.2 needs VC++ 2017 runtime and "PHP Modules Enable/Disable" wouldn't work anyway because the syntax in module loading is changed ("extension=gd2" instead of "extension=php_gd2.dll"). So, current controller needs modification for PHP 7.2. Taking in fact that no update has been made for many months, is support for PHP 7.2 going to happen or should I look for other software? I understand if the project is frozen indefinitely, however I would appreciate an official response and not be left just abandoned.
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