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    Mediawiki PHP timeout

    Hi! My computer recently died. I hosted my personal-learning MediaWiki within uniform server to help guard against this type of problem for years (thanks!) - so I simply pulled the files across to the new computer.... Uniform server ran fine with the browser showing the home page of localhost.When I pointed it to my wiki, the browser sat "Waiting for localhost..." then finally returned: HTTP ERROR 500Looking into the Apache Error Log, I saw: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\\Users\\Kevin\\Documents\\USB\\Wikis\\UniServer\\www\\insightswiki\\includes\\db\\Database.php on line 459This is the first time I've had this type of error. Nothing has changed aside from the hardware & OS that's running this ie: I haven't changed Uniform Server and MediaWiki's settings (and line 459 doesn't look strange) with the only change being it running on a Windows 10 machine as opposed to a Windows 7 machine. It's not a problem with Windows Firewall as far as I can tell (tried shutting it off, rebooting windows then running the wiki).http://localhost/apanel/phpmyadmin/ runs fine and is able to interact with the DB (tables) for the mediawiki.Lots of work and valuable information is now trapped. Help appreciated! Thanks, Kevin. Uniform Server 5.5-Nano Apache 2.2.14 MySQL 5.1.41 PHP 5.3.1 UniTray
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