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  1. I have 32 GB of RAM, but only 15.9% of it is usable; the rest is reserved by the hardware. Task management and resource monitoring are mentioned. I have four sticks, but if I remove two of them, I only have 8 GB. It's as if my memory is sliced in half. My motherboard is an ASRock b450 pro4 with an r5 2600 and an RTX 2060 super, and my RAM is Corsair vengeance lpx 16 GB ddr4 3000mhz, but I have two sets of it for a total of 32 GB.
  2. I am doing a project about interfacing MPXV7002DP with Arduino. This is my first time to do this kind of thing, I’m not the expert at that...so finally I found a tutorial, here. I have all the materials ready, but I still can't connect Arduino to MPXV7002DP at the first step...
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