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  1. Enabling php_curl.dll doesn't work for me altogether after updating to Uniform 13.2 (from 12)


    Getting popup about "libssh2_scp_recv2 not found in libssh2.dll" (loosely translated from system language) and following error in Apache log:


    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/UniServerZ/core/php70/extensions\\php_curl.dll' - \xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd \xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd \xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd \xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd.\r\n in Unknown on line 0

  2. After moving to the XII version I got random Apache crashes. They can be triggered by simply F5 spamming refresh on same PHP page over and over.

    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:20.550111 2016] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 11240:tid 544] AH00428: Parent: child process 9228 exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:20.662118 2016] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 11240:tid 544] AH00455: Apache/2.4.18 (Win32) PHP/7.0.3 configured -- resuming normal operations
    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:20.662118 2016] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 11240:tid 544] AH00456: Apache Lounge VC14 Server built: Dec  9 2015 10:17:39
    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:20.663118 2016] [core:notice] [pid 11240:tid 544] AH00094: Command line: 'C:\\UniServerZ\\core\\apache2\\bin\\httpd_z.exe -d C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2 -f C:\\UniServerZ\\core\\apache2\\conf\\httpd.conf -d C:\\UniServerZ\\core\\apache2'
    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:20.664118 2016] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 11240:tid 544] AH00418: Parent: Created child process 11352
    [Thu Mar 17 14:24:21.311155 2016] [mpm_winnt:notice] [pid 11352:tid 692] AH00354: Child: Starting 150 worker threads.

    Googling the code comes up with a lot of esoteric fixes, but a lot of them are from PHP5 times.


    Any suggestions on how to diagnose what is causing this?

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