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  1. Excellent, thanks for the confirmation and fix on this. Its all superb to be honest, rock solid. All the best, Barry.
  2. Just to say that I just tested this with a fresh download and it is indeed an issue. The base install has two htpasswd folders. One on the root and a duplicated one in the core folder.
  3. Hi, Long time user of Uniform server. I have recently updated to ZeroXII 12.1.0 and I noticed what is to me a confusing change. In the past the htpasswd folder was always on the root. However I now note that there is a htpasswd folder in the core folder. Upon installing any extra module the htpasswd on the root is also created. I was wondering as to why this is and which version is actually the default for the Uniform server. Is this just a bug during that occurred during the deployment. Thanks, Barry.
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