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  1. Hi, I have one question. After setting apache and mysql to use the service instead of the unicontroller, nothing can be altered in the server without uninstalling the service and putting it back there? This is because i tried to enable the xdebug module after putting the apache service to run using windows services and to my very surprise the service failed to start. The uniservice controller interface crashed and I had to restart the same to find that the service had been uninstalled. Needless to say I had to install it back which makes me think whether if any changes to either mysql or apache after the service has been started would require a full reset of the service?
  2. lonewolfs

    MySQL 5.7

    That is what I guessed. Any plans to introduce mysql 5.7 module anytime soon? I am sure many people out there would love it.
  3. lonewolfs

    MySQL 5.7

    Hi, Is there a module from which I can install the MySQL 5.7 server?
  4. I second this question. I know a few reasons but I am no good to answer them properly. Perhaps a little explaination from the package builders might throw a light on this? I am pretty sure a lot of folks out there might have the same epiphany.
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