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  1. Have been using Uniform Server 8.9.2 on Win 7 Pro SP1 without problems for 2-3 years. It is installed as a program. Yesterday afternoon had a couple of time-outs on PHP code that looks OK to me: this has not happened before. Today, restarted Apache. Cannot connect to any page through any browser: message shows Connection refused: localhost: 80 Can ping, and can access MySQL on 3306 using HeidiSQL. Server status says that 80 is the Apache port and that it is in use by the server (http1d.exe, according to Task Manager). I have been thinking about moving to a newer version, so I unpacked and ran 11.8.2: same Connection refused message in browser. Have tried disabling Windows Firewall, to no effect. I attach the most recent error log, which shows the timeouts on 12 December and what's happened since. Can anyone suggest what has changed, and how to correct it?
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