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  1. I just realised phpMyAdmin returns this error: MySQL said:Cannot connect: invalid settings. When I have bind-address = ::1 in my.ini Please help!!!
  2. My $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] = ::1, unless I change the bind-address in my.ini to match it, when I connect to my database (with PDO) with the hostname 'localhost' it takes ~2 seconds. When I change bind-address to '::1' or '::', the time to connect with mysql becomes negligible. However, when I try to 'stop MySQL', it hangs and eventually I get this error and I have to kill the process. It appears my.ini doesn't handle ipv6 addresses well. Is there any way to fix this? if not, please fix this in a later build. I loves this software, I've struggled with XAMPP and WAMP in the past, but this is far superior IMO.
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