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  1. I've also tried uWamp and although MySQL manages to restart, the log states that MySQL has not been shut down correctly and then a successful recovery takes place. However, this is not optimal, as recovery may at some point fail. My conclusion after testing UniServer and uWamp is that Windows does not shut down MySQL gracefully when it is running as a process vs a service (on my local setup as a service shutdown is done gracefully). I do not know if this can be solved.
  2. Hello there, Running Windows 7 x64 with UniServer latest version (11_8_0_ZeroXI), and update to MySQL 5.6.26. If I restart the computer without shutting down MySQL from UniController first, MySQL is not shut down gracefully (I assume this because I see no traces of shutting down in the log). Upon reboot, and when I will try to start the MySQL server, it will not start and I will get a log like that: Is this a known issue? is there a fix to this? Thanks!
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