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  1. Hi, uniserver is great for use it on a usb-stick. But sometimes i wanna change the lcoation of uniserver-folder, and so i have to change all paths in the configs, regarding to the new location of US. When i create my apache-configs, there has to be absolute path to documentroot (e.g. C:\webs\testweb). So i created an "Unicontroller_start.cmd", which sets an variable: @echo off set webspath=%CD% start UniController.exe It`s located in US`s root and it sets webspath=localtion_of_file, so i can use that variable in my apache configs (configs are located and included from "US-root/Extra/configs/*.conf"): <Directory "${WEBSPATH}\Extra\webs\moodle"> Folder "Extra" is also located in US-rootdirectory, so all webs stored in that folder should work, no matter from which location US is started. Moodle is a bad example, because it uses a absolute path for stored moodle_data, so that`s another story. So, would you pls add an config-switch or anything like that which can be set to make it easier to run webs from any direction without changing documentroot-paths in several configs? Or is there any option to use that "feature" with US-integrated tools or settings which i didn`t find? Thx
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