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  1. I found I was getting the following error in mysql.err with the above configuration: SSL error: Unable to get private key from 'C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/server.key' 2016-10-04 19:22:37 1944 [Warning] Failed to setup SSL 2016-10-04 19:22:37 1944 [Warning] SSL error: Unable to get private key I found this article and followed the suggestion: http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/141261/31477 Using the new key there are no errors in the log during startup, but when attempting to connect to the server I get the error:
  2. I'm trying to enable SSL in MySQL, but having trouble with UniServer. Following the directions I find online and SSL is always still disabled. Is there a trick to it with Uniserver? I used the Generate_server_cert_and_key batch file for apache, and tried re-using those keys. I also tried creating new keys from scratch, but the openssl this comes with throws an error saying "unknown option -CAKey" which apparently is not an issue anyone on the internet has ever had :-/ Here are the lines I added the mysqld section of my.ini. I can tell the keys paths are loaded in MySQL, but it still says have_openssl and have_ssl are disabled. ssl ssl-ca = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/ca.pem" ssl-cert = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/sub.class1.server.ca.pem" ssl-key = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/server.key"
  3. When going to the Access and Passwords screen and setting the Server Access to "Local and Intranet Access" it creates a .htaccess file that is correct for ipv4, but only allows localhost for ipv6. The fix for this seems to be adding the following entry to the ipv6 Allow rule if the user wants to allow Intranet Access: FE80::/64 Eg: Allow from ::1 FE80::/64 I'm not sure if there are multiple localhost ranges for ipv6, but that is the main one. This is needed in scenarios where you want to access the web server using the server name and the os or dns entry defaults to ipv6.
  4. It seems like UniServer Zero XII with PHP 7 may be missing ftp support. I get the Undefined function error when trying to call ftp_connect, and the phpinfo() result is missing the FTP section that says "ftp support enabled". That section is there if I install the php 5.6 module.
  5. I have Uniserver Zero starting with windows but have run into the following problem. When logging into any user on the machine, I now get the "An instance of unicontroller is already running" error every time. It is running somewhere, however I cannot find the instance. There is no icon in the windows bar. It nor the apache/mysql services show up in the windows services list. They are active as I can access the site though. I also can't open the controller to do anything since it's "already running" somewhere and I can't access that controller. I suspect this is because it was setup initially under one user, and now the machine is logged into a different (but still admin) user. What's the best practice to handle this? It's fine if it can only be accessed from the user that set it up, but if that's the case I'd like to find a way to prevent the "already running" popup for other users. It would also be nice to access it from another admin user when needed.
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