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  1. The solution that I used here (http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=3234&do=findComment&comment=11936) still works fine, currently running on ~6 developer setups.
  2. I took an educated guess and performed the following steps upgrading PHP 7.1 to the latest patch release: - Downloaded latest zip VC14 x86 Thread Safe from http://windows.php.net/download#php-7.1. Note that the extensions directory is named "ext" instead of "extensions" - Merged changes in PHP ini config files (mostly paths) Are there any official instructions on how to update the PHP-module? In case I missed anything.
  3. It seems this project is becoming abandoned, too bad since UniServer was the only WAMP-package that was consistently up to date.. :/
  4. I see that there are no incremental PHP releases for Uniserver in the last 2-3 months, when are they expected? (PHP is on 7.1.3 while Uniserver is still on 7.1.1)
  5. marcovtwout

    MySQL 5.7

    Uniserver is always up-to-date for Apache and PHP, but why not for MySQL? The first general release for MySQL 5.7 is 1,5 years ago. Is there any planned module for MySQL 5.7? Or is there a workaround to create one?
  6. Does anyone read these bug reports? Am I reporting in the right place?
  7. Using latest UniServer Zero XIII. In home/us_config/us_config.ini I use another data dir: [MYSQL] datadir=S:/data/mysqlWhen I open UniController.exe and click "Stop MySQL", I get the following message in a popup: "Unable to perform clean shut-down. Kill process".
  8. I want to use UniformServer as a development environment. Securing mysql-access with a password for the root user is not an issue here. So I configured the root user to have an empty password. Every time I start UniController.exe, it prompts me to set a mysql root password, and does not allow an empty password. I don't understand why the UI application must enforce this. Can this behavior be changed?
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