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  1. After i finally manage to find Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > I couldnt find World Wide Web Publishing Service in there. But, a day after i posted this, i reinstalled W10 and kept the files and had it dump all programs and settings. I thought doing that may have fixed it, and it appears it did. I think the devs should add an option where to change the ports if you are unable to clear port 80 to run the aplication. Btw, do you by any chanche know how i could set uniserver to remember my mysql pass? Each time i start the service, it asks to retype the password.
  2. Hello, I havent been using UNIserver in a while, and meanwhile, ive got a router and updated to Windows 10 64bit. When i try to run UniController (v1.2.0.11), i am told port 80 is in use by another program, and i am instructed to change the uni server port. But it provides no instructions as to how i would be able to do that. Kept Googling but theres nothing straight forward. I got across this page, and scanned for port 80 and it returned this: >netstat -ano | find "LISTENING" | find ":80" TCP LISTENING 4 TCP [::]:80 [::]:0 LISTENING 4Not sure what thats saying, i guess port 80 is in use by the router, or an w10 service. Either way, i would like to change the uniserver port to something else and get it working again. Thank you Btw, after i posted this message, i got; But it seemed to get posted.
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