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  1. Hi, It is not necessary to set the environment variable at the system level . It works well if you get to read it properly using Apache SetEnv . The same applies to JRE (for example), if you want PHP to access a particular version, you can specify it by Apache env var using setenv . In any case, it would be interesting for users set their own collection of "properties" to replace in configuration files at UniServer boot. Thank you very much for the reply and sorry for my delay in reading it .
  2. Hi, I just started to use Uniform for developments in PHP and think it's an incredible tool. I'm working with Uniform Zero XI but also with other tools from PortableApps project's. Uniform is located in the path X:/PortableApps/UniServerZ I need to install the "Oracle Instant Client" so that share the facility with some applications and the Uniform Server, so I have set in: X:/PortableApps/instantclient_11_2 I need to include in the httpf.conf SetEnv directives file, for example: SetEnv ORACLE_HOME "${US_ROOTF}../instantclient_11_2" However, this configuration does not seem to be interpreted correctly by Apache / PHP (see phpinfo). Is there any way to include my own variables in algĂș Uniform ini file to do the replacement? Perhaps this issue should be treated as a new feature. Thanks for everything, I hope your answer.
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