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  1. hopefully they upload it to GitHub, that would be a life saver for it, no doubt
  2. What happend? did somebody happend to the uniserver comunity? although, i also believe than if this become free source A LOT of people put hands in it an this proyect, being excelent like it is, it become EVEN BETTER (quality of software & support). And also, would be mantained with much much more regularity, plus, could maybie be forked/versioned to linux, mac or even android. ¡I'm all in for this!
  3. I'm trying to install an extension, specificaly php_sqlsrv_53_ts.dll (which is necesary to work with SQL server), i leave it in the folder C:/Users/Sincron/Desktop/UniserverAndroid/UniServerZ/core/php71/extensions (where the rest of the extensions dll's are) and add this line to the php_production.ini (i.e. the mode i'm using to work) now, that doesn't seem to work, the log keep sending the error than can't find it so i change it to this: and also, i tried this: and still this was of no use at all, this is the error who is showing in the Error Log of apache (both errors are being shown here) Maybie it's me, but i think somebody screw it over when writing the "/" to the auto-find new libraries or something like that in the source code, did exist some workarround to this problem meanwhile some benevolent UniserverZ developer soul drop a fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yes, thanks a lot Btw Ric, why don't you upload the proyect to github and make it free source?
  5. I already try it, after i do that the next time i open UniController it send me a message asking to change the mysql password, i change it and it can't complete the process, sending me a message saying "failed to change mysql password" and then it send another message saying than UniController must close due to an error. and because of that, in practice, i can't use it. Plz, have in mind i just download the latest version up-to-date from the webpage, and i just install it in one clean folder. in brief, your solution works @display, but opens a new error. Any ideas?, i'm all read. Thanks in advance.
  6. i try, and i saw your other post, it doesn't work :S I also try the thing of the folder of the other guy, doesn't work either, any thoughs on this?
  7. Same here but your solution doesn't work :S Any other idea of how to fix this?
  8. I'm having issues trying to connect to MySQL using phpMyAdmin, this is the error: I search on google and i can't find the files than requeired to be modify according to the answers there writed. i also, have this other problem too: http://superuser.com/questions/1049057/failed-to-change-password-to-mysql-uniform-server i must say than, i try to fix that other problem changing versions, but it just continue to happend, i think both problems are connected, but i don't know exactly how, and i don't know how to fix them either. Any help, comment, request for clarification and/or suggestion than improve the question would be much apreciated too. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm trying to change the root password of the MySql and is not working, i try using the UI in normal & safe mode, the last one seems to work to change the port in Apache last time that was a problem, the message than it sends to me in two different pop-ups is: not sure how to proceed from here, did i need to change some permisions in some files or something like that?, and if it is the case, which ones? This happend when i download and update the uniform server (Today date is 05/03/2016) Any suggestions in how to fix this? I already tried to reset the root user & password using the button on the UI and I am using windows 10 64x. Any help, comment, question or request for clarification than help to solve this problem would be much apreciated too Thanks in advance.
  10. Is there any way to fix this?, i'm using UniServZ downloaded from the official site in (21/02/2016), i just can't start it, i found something about install some packages from Visual Studio 2015, but the thing is, how a person who doesn't use visual studio can have access to that packages?, maybie a direct install for the dll?, how that will be? After all, one of the things than makes good of Uniform Server Z is, it is free, if i need to download some package it doesn't matter to me if i can downloaded free of charge I have windows 10 64x Any ideas, suggestions, comments or question than help to improve this post and/or solve this problem would be much apreciated. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, i'm trying to change the base password of the MySql and i'm not making it, i try using the UI in normal & safe mode, the last one seems to work to change the port in Apache last time i update my UniServZ, but this time and in this case, nothing, i have installed the last version, downloaded (21/02/2016) of UniServZ any suggestions in how to fix this? Please not than i already try to reset the root user & password using the button on the UI, i have windows 10 64x Suggestions, questions or comments to improve this post and/or find it a solution would be much apreciated Thanks in advance
  12. Nevermind, i just reboot and start to work again Thanks in any case
  13. This topic is obsolete, please feel free to delete it
  14. i'm using the last one (Uniform Server ZeroXI), the problem apparead when i install the new one in this new pc of mine who came with another program using that ports installed so i don't need it to do it before But if the wiki is outdated, then the problem is not the version i'm using on, the problem is than noone updates the wiki to go with the current version which is a problem because when you search for a solution, you search on the wiki, not in any documentation at least if is a minor problem like this one, and this is a problem because the wiki is presented in the main page of uniform server, encouraging the people to do the same, but thanks anyway i already fix the problem . Alternatively you can separate the wiki with some kind of format for each page to match diferent versions in one same page, so 'how to change port' can have inside several answer for serveral different versions or group of versions, that if you wanna keep the wiki also work for old versions, but the fact than the information in the wiki is for old versions is not an excuse because is the first thing finded by the google search and (like said before) it is in the main page of uniform serve without any reference than says (use it for old versions) or (usefull untile version X.Y.Z), and because of that is gonna be the always first choise before recurring to docs when trying to solve a "fast/little problem" like this one. Or like third alternative you can delete the wiki/put the documentation in the wiki, wherever, but the current status of the wiki doesn't help the support of uniform server. Thanks ¡nice Day!
  15. Hello, i just make Web page using Uniform Server Z like my web server, everything was good untile some updates was maded to UniServer Zero XI This page was maded last year (2014), and i was heavly advanced, then i start to make another proyects because it was necesarely back then, but when i return to it, this page start to return me 500 error which is an error in the server... can you fix it?, how can i give you more information about it so it can be fixed and never happend again to anyone? I know it's a little lame this message, specialy by the lack of info, but tell me what you need and i'm gonna attach/post it Thanks in advance
  16. Good Day I used a program than allows me to sync all the www folder without the need of move it UniformZ to another folder, and it works charmly, i wonder... Is it possible to sync a folder to make the database all at once sync too?, what file(s)/folder will be needed to make this sync all just fine? or there is another way to do it? Thanks in advance -Obsdark-
  17. Good Day I'm trying to change the Listening port using the wiki documentation for uniform server, i'll try to clean the port 80 but its beeng used by Sql server which i use to work with compiled code So i wonder, How can i change the port of Uniform server? I already try the documentation methods, and are not just outdated but they don't work Thanks in advance
  18. Hello Im trying to work with PDO-mysql but i dont receive no reply at all, no confirmation, no anything, is just not working, so i go to irc looking for help and recommended me to activate this: "?php error_reporting(-1); ini_set(display_errors, 1);" How i can do it? Please have in mind than the .php pages are shown blank, but yesterday i just ended a proyect which requeired .php on this same uniserv, however this proyect successfully add data to the mysql database im working on and im, in fact, reusing the code from the other proyect to start from somewhere. If you think the code can be the problem, here is the nopaste: (The same was shown on irc) http://nopaste.php-quake.net/89897 Consider also than im a noob learning. Thanks in advance -Obsdark-
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