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  1. I hit this snag too. I found that copying the files manually so that they could be seen worked best for my setup. It just means that Uniserver is portable between any machines, without needing to mess around with changing paths on them. Not so much an issue for final deployments, but when using it as a development environment it can be useful
  2. Hi There seems to be a bug in the UniController application with changing basic settings. Reproduction steps: 1) Load UniController 2) Under the "Apache" menu, select "edit basic and modules" and then choose "edit basic configuration" 3) Enter a valid email address under the "server admin email" that has a TLD with more than one dot, or a TLD that is only two characters. For example: example@example.com = works example@example.org = works example@example.net = works example@example.co.uk = doesn't work example@example.ac.uk = doesn't work example@example.eu = doesn't work example@example.es = doesn't work The error given is "admin E-mail: E-mail invalid format". Regards
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