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  1. Thank you for your answer but... it doesn't help much. The no space character in path is known and makes cense. However, a path with any accented character won't but is quite common except for English and Americain people, but you won't have any warning. Replace 'C:\test1\appserver' by 'C:\test1\appserver_testé' and see for yourself. This is probably a default charset or encoding issue, but I was unable to solve this. Daimonji
  2. Hi all, When I extract ZeroXI US within a path with accented characters and starts the Apache2 web server, it says the page could not be found. Of course, no problem with a default path without space characters. It is possible to make it work with a path with accented characters, and if so how ? I changed the default charset to utf-8 with no luck. Edit: Got the same issue with Apache 2.4.9. Thank you, Daimonji
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