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  1. Using UniServer Zero XI 11.0.5/UniController X1 V1.0.5 on Win7.


    I create a new vhost, eg: demo.com


    When I go to demo.com I am taken to the local directory. This is correct.


    But when I try www.demo.com I am taken to the actual online website of demo.com.


    The hosts file is being updated with: demo.com

    The proxy.pac file is being updated with: if (shExpMatch(host, "*demo.com")) return "PROXY";


    Shouldn't the wildcard asterisk allow me to type anything before demo.com (www.demo.com, subdomain.demo.com, etc.) and be taken to the local directory?


    I have also tried this with .org and .co.nz suffixes. Same result. I have rebooted the server after any changes.

  2. Thanks, Ric.


    Was that in the docs, or did I just miss it?


    The Windows host file is subject to access control because of this to change its content requires admin privileges. An application that changes this file requires elevating to admin this is not consistent with portability hence the file requires manually updating.


    After adding a new Vhost use the utility program EdHost.exe located in folder C:\UniServerZ\utils this forces elevation allowing you to change the host file content.


    All the best


  3. Using UniServer Zero XI 1.0.3 on Win7.


    When I create a new virtual host using the controller, I have to manually add a directive to my Windows hosts file. If I don't, my browser will not find the new virtual host. I've checked and the httpd-vhosts.conf and PAC files are being updated just fine. But not the Windows hosts file.


    Yes, I've restarted the server.


    [Coral 8.9.2 creates the hosts entry just fine.]


    Should I have to manually add the directive?

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