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  1. Using UniServer Zero XI 11.0.5/UniController X1 V1.0.5 on Win7. I create a new vhost, eg: demo.com When I go to demo.com I am taken to the local directory. This is correct. But when I try www.demo.com I am taken to the actual online website of demo.com. The hosts file is being updated with: demo.com The proxy.pac file is being updated with: if (shExpMatch(host, "*demo.com")) return "PROXY"; Shouldn't the wildcard asterisk allow me to type anything before demo.com (www.demo.com, subdomain.demo.com, etc.) and be taken to the local directory? I have also tried this with .org and .co.nz suffixes. Same result. I have rebooted the server after any changes.
  2. Thanks, Ric. Was that in the docs, or did I just miss it?
  3. Using UniServer Zero XI 1.0.3 on Win7. When I create a new virtual host using the controller, I have to manually add a directive to my Windows hosts file. If I don't, my browser will not find the new virtual host. I've checked and the httpd-vhosts.conf and PAC files are being updated just fine. But not the Windows hosts file. Yes, I've restarted the server. [Coral 8.9.2 creates the hosts entry just fine.] Should I have to manually add the directive?
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